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Team MFP - my goal for 2018 is to build muscle and strength. I’ve been doing SL5x5 in my home gym for 1.5 years and am looking to progress. Specifically arms, shoulders and back. I don’t want to workout in a gym, but think I could use some professional help. It is reasonable to engage a trainer to put together a program I can do at home and maybe do monthly check-ins? Or is the expectation typically that you need to work out under their supervision at their facility? Are there certifications I should be looking for? Are there any apps or virtual training classes that are worth the $$?


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    You can absolutely seek out virtual coaching or online personal training for what you're trying to achieve. it depends entirely on the area you're in, what coaches you have access to, and whether or not you even want in person monthly check ins.

    I personally coach online clients who follow the program i create for them, check in with me after every workout, follow along with their nutrition (the app i use specifically for online training is called trainerize which pairs with MFP and fitbit and the smart scales), get them to record their measurements, track their lift progress, etc. I think anyone using this software or similar is going to be able to do exactly what you're needing.

    As far as liability is concerned personal trainers are insured for when they're training you in person but most will have you sign a form waiving liability for exercises you do on your own as they can't be responsible for you using poor technique when they're not around. Essentially exercise can be dangerous and they aren't responsible for you when you aren't with them. This is why it's important that really only people who need a solid plan do online coaching (as opposed to newbies/high risk clients who are very prone to injury).

    As far as certifications go there are several out there that are kind of the gold standard in the field: NASM, ACSM, ACE, ISSA, etc.

    i would evaluate the specific goal you have (beit aesthetics or strength) and find a personal trainer who offers online coaching that has a proven track record of helping individuals achieve exactly what it is you hope to accomplish. the more niche and specific you can get the better.
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    Have you looked into Madcow 5x5? That’s the next phase after StongLifts.
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    @rainbowbow, I gave you a woo because all the information in your post was insightfully awesome and I couldn't tick both B) .

    @nowine4me, my DIL has a trainer that comes to her house (she goes to the trainer's house occasionally). She initially had her weekly, but I think she has moved to monthly now.

    They work through the routine together, then DIL is given her solo goals. They have software for reporting.

    I know neither the software they use, nor the trainers accreditation, but I do know DIL has been happy with the service provided and the progress she has made.
    (I'm in western Canada so I don't know whether the software or accreditation would be of interest.)

    Cheers, h.
    If we lived closer than 4 hr away (1.5hr on a ferry) I would have seriously considered employing her myself.
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    @nowine4me - I would suggest that you absolutely could employ an 'on-line' coach with whom you would have weekly nutritional plans and monthly skype or facetime or whatever 'calls' for visual check-ins. They would also build a program that would cater to your goals.

    I can recommend a few for you if you are interested. I know that they are top notch and that they do things the right way. Just say the word and I will list them. And, no - I have zero financial interest in any of this. Just folks whom I respect.

    And, I do like the suggestion of MadCow as the next progression from SL 5x5. That is the program that I am going to run once I "finish" SL 5x5......
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    I gave you a woo because all the information in your post was insightfully awesome and I couldn't tick both B) .

    Glad you mentioned that, because I was like, "who the F wooed that?"


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    Thanks everyone. I'll do my homework to see if I can find someone local who's willing to do periodic in-Person check is, but touch base primarily on line. I'll also look into MadCow. I appreciate the feedback. And @CWShultz27105 , I'll take you up on that offer if I struggle. I appreciate everyone chiming in.
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    you could book a trainer or other pro for the purpose of giving you an overall assessment - identifying imbalances, weak spots, etc. and then using that either ask them to provide you with recommendations, or just do your own research online.

    i lift once a week in a 'club', and the rest of the time i do whatever i need to elsewhere (local rec cntres in my case, but the principle is the same - i'm lifting alone and unsupervised). many of the other members lift at the club exclusively, but the guy who runs it is pretty easy going that way. i don't think i'd personally be comfortable with a trainer who demanded monogamy; i like the weekly guidance and check-ins, but i also really like not being under somebody's eye every time.
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    I actually have one client that pays for sessions, but only sees me once a month personally to go over the workout, and for me to check execution and form. She doesn't have a membership (our daily cost is only $5 to use the gym one day) because she has a home gym, but was referred to me by a friend who happen to be a former client.
    You may be able to still find good trainers who do this.

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    I don't see why you would need a coach.

    Weight training is pretty simple. Do one or two exercises for each muscle group

    Arms: Biceps and Triceps
    Shoulders: Deltoids
    Back: Lats and erectors

    Go here: