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For a beginner should i sign up to the gym or work out at the park and beaches or do home workouts?

gomezmanny562gomezmanny562 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
For a beginner should i sign up to the gym or work out at the park and beaches or do home workouts?


  • MsHarryWinstonMsHarryWinston Posts: 928Member Member Posts: 928Member Member
    A lot of that depends on what your goals are. More details are needed.
  • crackpotbabycrackpotbaby Posts: 1,297Member Member Posts: 1,297Member Member
    Whatever motivates you :)
  • Therealobi1Therealobi1 Posts: 3,246Member Member Posts: 3,246Member Member
    all are acceptable choices.
    pick the one that you will enjoy most and stick with
  • HeidiCooksSupperHeidiCooksSupper Posts: 3,297Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,297Member, Premium Member
    Yes. Or no. You don't need to exercise to lose weight. Unless you know you will stick with it, avoid any gym that automatically renews your membership (most do). It's psychologically harder to quit than to keep paying that monthly fee even though you may not be using it. But try them all and do what you like and don't do what you don't like.
  • zugmeisterzugmeister Posts: 23Member, Premium Member Posts: 23Member, Premium Member
    Lots of gyms have minimums (like one year) on their membership. I even got in one where they outright repeatedly lied that they didn't but had it buried in the pages of small print in their contract. Also, if you're not in shape (like me, I'm not) a gym may be overkill. They are designed for people who can pump iron, not necessarily people trying to lose weight and maybe start getting into better shape while doing so. Walking / jogging in a park is MUCH nicer than walking / jogging on a treadmill in a gym. If the outdoors doesn't work for you there are gyms whose selling point is that they're cheap ($10/month) and strictly monthly. That's how I'm doing it.
    You can't buy yourself into shape. Try things until you find what works for you, in ascending $ order. Good luck!
  • cathipacathipa Posts: 2,464Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,464Member, Premium Member
    Do what you know you can commit to. Personally until I became dedicated to working out regularly i knew from past mistakes the gym would be a waste of money if I joined on day 1 of my journey. 3 years later I joined the gym only because it was too hot this summer to workout in my home garage gym.
  • Lean59manLean59man Posts: 715Member Member Posts: 715Member Member
    Great advice here!
  • ritzvinritzvin Posts: 1,899Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,899Member, Premium Member
    It's a good option for weight training (especially if you live in an upper flat). Wouldn't really recommend for cardio unless you have a massive attention span and your region has really, really bad weather.
  • 2011rocket3touring2011rocket3touring Posts: 1,318Member Member Posts: 1,318Member Member
    When I started I purchased a contraption that uses bodyweight as resistance (based on the Chuck Norris Total Gym) for about $150. I also picked up a used treadmill for $50.
    I'm always super pressed for time and felt that being able to exercise at home would be better for me and it has been.
  • acorsaut89acorsaut89 Posts: 1,147Member Member Posts: 1,147Member Member
    What kind of workout are you actually going to do?

    Ask yourself that question and go from there, because if you choose the gym route but you're too intimidated to go then you're never going to work out. If you choose the home option, but you won't be motivated unless you actually leave then house then that's obviously never going to happen, either. Be honest with yourself and do what works for you.

    I don't do a lot of lifting (despite my profile picture lol) so I care about two things at my gym: treadmill availability and spin class schedules. My focus is on running, and spin is my cross-training of choice. I do some lifting to help avoid injury but it is not my focus. So those things are important to me . . . what's important to you?
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  • lericzonlericzon Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member
    Personally I would do whats free until you know you will stick with it.
  • dwilliamcadwilliamca Posts: 319Member Member Posts: 319Member Member
    I wouldn't jump into a gym membership right off the bat. I like your park and beach idea. I know a lot of parks by me now have adult exercise equipment and it sounds like a great way to get outside and get started if you aren't used to working out. Do some walking, running, workouts at home and see where you feel like going from there.
  • sgtx81sgtx81 Posts: 466Member Member Posts: 466Member Member
    Try the YMCA. You can probably get a free 1 or 2 week pass depending on where you're at and see if a gym is right for you right now. I think a lot of gyms have trial passes too.
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  • thunderztormdkthunderztormdk Posts: 51Member Member Posts: 51Member Member
    Definitely do whatever makes you follow your schedule. If you're going to do weight training, find a proper, useful beginner program and follow it.
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