Support for Men over 40

Hello All,
I will be 46 tomorrow and have had success with MFP in the past, but had lost my way. I am back now and determined more than ever. Ideally I am looking to lose about 30 lbs over the next year and would like to enlist some brothers in arms for support and motivation. What say ye?


  • lifestyle70
    lifestyle70 Posts: 126 Member
    Similar story here. I am 42 now (knocking on the door of 43). Am committed to working out for the next 60 days and have asked for accountability partners from those around me. I have the workout program, scheduled time of day to complete, now its time to roll up the sleeves and get it done.
  • 19shmoo69
    19shmoo69 Posts: 800 Member
    I turned 48 and have lost 50 lbs and need to lose 50 more. Im stuck. I need suggestions to motivate me to motivate myself. I'll do my best to help in return.
  • avjets
    avjets Posts: 18 Member
    SO let's start with plans for maintenance over holidays. For me it is realizing that holiday meals don't necessarily need to stretch into 6 day leftover throw in the towel fests. Celebrate, maybe one leftovers meal and move on.
  • crazy_badger
    crazy_badger Posts: 2 Member
    Almost 44 and in the same boat - have used MFP in the past to successfully get to the weight I wanted to be at. Then I got lazy and gained some of it back over the last 18 months. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and my BP is getting to a point where they are recommending medication if I can't get it back under control. I do not want to be on any type of meds so I'm hoping this time I can change my lifestyle for good. Easier said than done though...
  • driefishin
    driefishin Posts: 238 Member
    I'm 47 and have 37lbs (approx) to lose. Tracking over the last week has really helped. New to MFP
  • greenlizard72
    greenlizard72 Posts: 76 Member
    I'm 45 and have 55 more lbs to lose. I've lost 9.5 so far. I am not exercising yet, just focusing on CICO. I have plenty of honey-do's that are exercise to me. For example, I'm about to clear out a fig tree stump that won't die on its own and prepare my front yard for curbing and landscape rock. I'm not looking forward to spreading that rock but it will work some muscles I'm sure.
  • rdgfit
    rdgfit Posts: 98 Member
    I’m 43 - been using MFP since March and I am down 61 pounds. I have about 50 pounds left to go. Always looking for friends who I can help motivate and who I can be motivated by.