Halfway there!

seashellybob Posts: 33 Member
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Today, I officially hit my halfway there mark! I've lost 31 pounds since July and have 31 more pounds to go!

I have to say that I've tried lots of different "diets" or exercise regimens over the years and nothing has seemed so easy as CICO. Nor has it made this much sense! I haven't cut anything out of my diet and have simply changed my eating habits so that when I really want chocolate, it's just a couple hershey kisses and not the whole bag. CICO has really opened up my mind to being mindful of eating. It hasn't all been super easy, especially when eating out (so many times I'm scrolling the online nutritional pdf in the car on the way there and I'm ALWAYS trying to find out in advance where we're going so I can plan ahead) or when I've been under the weather. But I've been consistent and the results really do show.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that posts and comments on these discussion boards. I love being able to read and see what other people, just like me, are experience through this journey towards a healthier life. Finding the discussion board search function has been a life-saver! I've found so many answers to questions I've had and have even made the investment and jump to using a food scale in the last two weeks (and loving it so far).

So THANK YOU for being on this journey with me (even if you didn't know it) and I look forward to where we go!


Edited to include face compare pic!


  • Beka3695
    Beka3695 Posts: 4,126 Member
    YAY!!!! What a big accomplishment!

    Keep up the mojo and tackle the second half!!!
  • Tulip9
    Tulip9 Posts: 143 Member
    Great job! I too am always checking nutrition facts before I go out to eat, lol. It is nice to read other people’s stories to keep motivated. I wish you well as you continue.
  • debtay123
    debtay123 Posts: 1,327 Member
    Great job- keep it up!
  • jrm0501
    jrm0501 Posts: 2 Member
    Congratulations! I hit my halfway mark a few weeks ago, and it does feel like such a great accomplishment! I relate so much to your post, because I've had several similar feelings along the way about CICO. Sometimes, I can't believe this journey hasn't felt painful to me at all. If I had known just how easy it would be, I would have done it along time ago. And that isn't to say that it's always "easy," but it really is about being mindful. Paying attention to what I'm eating and how much has made me feel much more in control of myself. I know what I need to do, and I can do it. If there is a day here or there where I go over my calorie goal, it doesn't throw the whole thing off -- tomorrow is another day and I know I can get back on track. There are no off limit foods, no reason to refer to anything as "cheating" -- I've always hated when people say that. The weight loss has been steady and reasonably predictable. There are times when the scale doesn't seem to want to move, but tracking since June does show the downward trends. Consistency pays off if you stay the course.

    Good luck in the rest of your journey! Your pics look great! It will be fun to put all three of them side by side when you get to your goal! :-)
  • sbrown6
    sbrown6 Posts: 334 Member
    The food scale will definitely be well worth it! And congrats on your success. I can totally tell a difference. BTW, you look great with the darker hair.
  • seashellybob
    seashellybob Posts: 33 Member
    Updated with another comparison shot. End of May 2017 to early Dec 2017.
    Same dress. Same pose. Different look!

    Though I'm loathe for the day that all my dresses are WAY too big for me and I have to donate them.


  • Jingsi84
    Jingsi84 Posts: 127 Member
    I wish I did before shots. It's so fun! You look amazing.
  • seashellybob
    seashellybob Posts: 33 Member
    Jingsi84 wrote: »
    I wish I did before shots. It's so fun! You look amazing.

    It's funny because I refused to do before shots. These before shots are just from my camera roll. I have a lot of pics from just before I started on myfitnesspal because I got engaged in May at Disney... and boy those engagement trip pics helped to kick my butt into gear because I want my wedding pics to look amazing!
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