Stovetop Grill

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Has anyone tried a indoor stovetop smokeless grill? wondering if it gives the same "grilled" taste as a regular one?


  • 2011rocket3touring
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    A George Foreman grill is a grill and mostly smokeless.
  • MomReborn
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    I use a cast iron one, like this (an old Lodge brand- originally unseasoned):


    The "grill" side makes wonderful char marks:


    The flat side is perfect for making pancakes.

    There is always smoke:


    But the food is delicious :)


    I use coarse salt and chain mail to keep my cast iron healthy during cleaning. This particular piece gets used pretty often, so it normally gets dried and rubbed down with oil before setting up. My other less-used pieces are kept dry and wrapped in cheesecloth until their next time out. Get ventilation going first to avoid unnecessary smoke alarms (really important if you happen to live in an apartment like I do... the entire complex gets notified :|:D:D:D ). I also find it's handy to make sure my surface is at the proper temperature before attempting to cook. This allows for good, even cooking, and prevents things sticking and subsequently burning between batches (more smoke). Good luck! <3
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I have a grill pan (as shown above). It gives nice grill marks but no smokey taste like you get from cooking over an open fire.

    Do they still make Jen-Air ovens that were so popular back in the 80's (or was it 70's??)? They had a built in open flame grill with a fans beside that pulled the smoke down and out an exhaust.
  • corinasue1143
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    Love my George Foreman, but definitely doesn't compare to outdoor grilling.
  • OldHobo
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    I had to look at one of these on Amazon to figure out what we're talking about. They should smoke less than a Lodge stovetop grill because the drippings are directed away from the heat but some of the commenters do talk about setting off their smoke detectors.

    I only replied to suggest a stovetop smoker to those looking for smoke flavor indoors. I use a Cameron Stovetop Smoker for pork chops and salmon in a small apartment without smoke detector problems.
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    I saw an electric "smokeless" grill come through my register at Walmart yesterday.
  • dwilliamca
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    I think I have one like you are referring to. It is round and looks like the picture in the Amazon link above. I like it for one or two people. It has water that goes around the rim and grills small amounts of food nicely on the stove (I have a ceramic top). Some oil does leak into the water and spilling it can be a mess, but not a bad invention. I don't use it often because I have a big family. I'll have to remember it next time I do grilled vegetables & chicken for lunch for just me.