How did you motivate yourself to start exercising?

I used to be a fitness buff. I loved the gym! Then in 2016, I became complacent. In 2017, I became depressed and stopped the working out altogether. My body is pheening to move again, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to get into the gym and start exercising. I gained about 30lbs and I am in the process of releasing that in a healthy way.

Think back when your first started to exercise. Was it intimidating for you too? How did you get started? I need some help and motivation to just do it. Thanks a lot!


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    Well if you have not heard or remember in August this year I passed out and broke my face on mother earth or better yet mother pavement which I have to say scared the :p KITTEN :p out of me. Broke two front teeth and one tooth went thru my bottom lip.to44zg4njp93.jpg
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    I used to be a fitness buff. I loved the gym! Then in 2016, I became complacent. In 2017, I became depressed and stopped the working out altogether. My body is pheening to move again, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to get into the gym and start exercising. I gained about 30lbs and I am in the process of releasing that in a healthy way.

    Think back when your first started to exercise. Was it intimidating for you too? How did you get started? I need some help and motivation to just do it. Thanks a lot!

    Start off in baby steps then work your way back up..
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    One day I just decided that I NEEDED it. It wasn't an option anymore. I started off for 30 minutes 2x a week then 3 and now I go 4x a week from anywhere for 1.5-2hours. Now I need the gym - it's my place where I have time to focus on me. Is it hard to go? Some days it truly is a struggle. I go at 4am because I know if I don't - it won't happen. Early morning is best for me. Maybe try it that way?
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    When I was in my early 40s, overweight and unfit I knew I had to make changes.
    I started off making an effort to walk for 30 mins every day. It became a habit.
    I lost a bit of weight initially but it wasn't until I happened upon MFP and started tracking my food intake that I started to have real success. MFP also encouraged me to try different exercises....roll on 5 1/2 years and I'm still exercising 6 days a week and I'm maintaining my goal weight for over 4 years. Baby steps lead to long lasting healthy eating and fitness habits.
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    I was never active growing up. When I was a late teen, working out for me purely meant getting the big ticket to the world of pretty people and pretty outfit. That’s it.

    And then I know I have to keep working out not just for now but for future’s sake. I’m doing my best to keep myself healthy, so I’d have more time trying new stuffs and (hopefully) enjoying my life.

    It’s actually both mindsets that motivates me nowadays. Most of the time I exercise because I want to feel good, physically and mentally. But once I slack off, the fear of “dying too early” would whip me like its slave in no time lol. Other reasons: The moment immediately after working out is always rewarding. I also got too many workout outfits... whenever I’m wearing them at home, I kind of feel guilty if I don’t go to the gym...
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    I'm still starting slowly with exercise. Not at all ready for the gym....may never be. At one time I had my family room set up with so much exercise and weight lifting equipment it looked like a gym, but found I used it very rarely. I used to be quite active and did a lot of hiking when I was younger and raising kids, but I've really slowed down over the years. I started doing yoga in my 40's after developing fibromyalgia. It became a daily habit, and later I helped teach it to seniors at the hospital I worked at. However after I quit working and started gaining weight I quit. Started up again last time I started this weight loss adventure and quit after I got depressed and quit logging calories. Once again, when I decided enough is enough and started logging calories, I turned back to yoga to start stretching and building my endurance. I switch to Pilates once in awhile and about 3 days a week do a mild aerobic workout for seniors with Jane Fonda on You Tube. She has one that uses light weights and that is about enough for me right now. Even though it isn't that difficult I still have to push myself to do it, but always feel good afterwards. I keep thinking one of these days my mind will just accept it as a part of life and do it without the resistance. I really admire friends and others who log an hour of walking, elliptical or bicycling everyday, especially the seniors. For me if I could just consistently do an hour of "something" everyday including just taking walks in the neighborhood I will feel great.
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    I started off slow. Really, really slow. Like walking slowly around my neighborhood. I was very heavy and that's all my body could handle. Even then I was sweat and a little out of breath. I was never active before, but I was determined to turn my life around and get fit.

    The more I walked, my body adapted so I was able to go longer and before I knew I was able to go 2 miles non-stop and I was over the moon!

    Then I started to explore other workouts on Youtube, fitness DVD's and I even signed up for a cardio/light strength-training class!

    My body began to change and shrink. That gave me motivation to keep going so I started building up a home gym and I never looked back.

    I'm years into maintaining my loss now, I workout daily and I'm still constantly trying new activities/equipment/workouts.

    Good luck getting back on track OP!

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    I used to enjoy the gym and keeping fit and healthy and then I blew my knee out, which brought everything to a screaming halt, and over the next few years went through depression and a marriage breakup, and put on nearly 30kg's
    A friend of mine decided he had enough of being 160kg's, recently so a few of us that need to lose weight got together and decided to make it a bit of a competition between ourselves
    Bragging rights is the thing thats kick started my motivation to lose the weight and after the first weigh in I'd personally lost 4.2kg and everyone else lost as well so its a good friendly competition and has us all talking and offering support to one another.
    good luck to everyone on their weight loss journey
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    I was not motivated either but I was determined to get the weight off so I just started walking every day. Then I signed up for a month of Zumba classes. The teacher said the first one is free to see if you like it. I said it doesn't matter if I like it I need to do it for a month and make it a habit. Habits are going to stay with you...motivation comes and goes. sign up for something and literally put it in your calendar like you would any other important agenda item and just do it. After while you won't even think about it
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    I got sick of being a fat old *kitten* and decided to get off my *kitten* and do something about it
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    I want to feel better. Plain and simple. And now I have a bit of time in the mornings,meds that actually work form me, and my favorite gym had a good sale going today, $20 month, no contract, no cancelation fees, and a good rep for not screwing you over on quitting if you give them your 30 days.
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    Go to the mirror, look at yourself, dont like it, eh?
    Hard to get up from bed? Get up!
    There is no such thing like procrastinating, so do it, do it right now!
    Can you hear me? :smiley:
    Do it for yourself!
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    If that won't do, nothing will.
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    I gave up smoking 3 months ago and OMG eat for England, Scotland etc.....Shock horror 20/11/17, the scales did not lie, my new motivation was it has to go if I can give up the horrid cig I can burn the fat cells.
    Good luck
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    What motivated me was, I was standing on a digital scale, and did see the numbers 99.7 kg. That moment I thought, I dont want to see the 100 and started to excercise vigorously. I never did see the scale above 100, and my low point was 77 kg in my adult years a few years back. Though because of several reasons I started to have the yo-yo effect, like gain....lose, gain and lose and felt very frustrated at times. Started to workout again end of 2016, lots of cardio, and down again between 77 and 78 kg.
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    Well I was fit before and My mom passed away fell into a bad depression didnt care about anything then I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and gained a bunch of weight almost weighed 160 pounds sais enoughs enough and started waterfit classes last November.. Was doing good but not losing any weight (due to the instructors) Anyways they closed my rec center went to a different one in june and the instructors are great!! Started losing weight right away.. Then I started incorporating weights and cardio plus healthy eating and I am now down over 30 pounds!!!
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    I exercise because I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do--whether it's a PR during a 5K, being able to life more weight, or being able to hold an advanced asana... Doing *something* every day gets me closer to those achievements.

    Start small with something you enjoy doing. Go for a walk. Maybe run a little. Go for a swim. Ride horses. Ski. Just get out and move!
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    I was fit for years, got hurt at 42 years old, had ,multiple surgeries and spinal fusions. Handled my recovery HORRIBLY, gained 50lbs and then had thyroid issues on top of it. I gave myself EVERY excuse I could think of. It sounds stupid to say this now but I wouldn't go to the gym because I couldn't do the workouts I used to, basically, I wouldn't go to get fit because I wasn't fit (yup, just as stupid as it sounds).

    I work with the military and we had a young guy whose leg was blown off by an IED, the FIRST day he had his prosthetic leg he ran a mile and we all went out to cheer him on. I knew at that moment I was full of crap and all my excuises were BS. I started slow, just walking, I did the couch to 5K, P90X and a few other programs, they weren't "magic pills" they just kept me going, I dropped all 50lbs in a year, I stayed down and then got hurt again, more surgeries but this time I only gained 20lbs (still a LOT) but caught myself before I drifted into the abyss

    Goals are great and they do help but the main "goal" for me is to not just drop but STAY DROPPED and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. It is a Journey not a destination (overused phrase I know), but every Journey starts with a single step, we just have to take that step everyday