Tragic life events 3m ago, need help...

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Hi. My name's Erica. I used to be on here and very active and consistent for a long time. Over a 3yr course I lost over 130 lbs. About 6 months ago I really started struggling with plateauing and started getting a little inconsistent but was hanging in there. Then 3 months ago, back in August my 35 yr old sister had a massive stroke and that changed everything for my whole family. I had strength trained 3 days a week consistently for over 3 years up to that point. Long story short, I have not since my sister's stroke and have struggled with my eating. I have gained 10lbs as well. I've struggled with a lot this past few months. Excersize was my life line. And more then anything I guess am seeking for encouragement at this point while trying to get back on track and in control.
Thank you


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    Hi, so sorry about your sister. I know it may seem like alot gaining 10lbs but considering you've lost 130lb altogether its not much at all really! I think maybe you need to set yourself another goal and go from there. I bet it won't take you long to get back on track when you set your mind to it. Good luck!
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    Sorry to hear about your sister - my husband had a massive blood clot in his leg last year, and the possibility of it causing a stroke was huge. He was diagnosed with it during a time when we'd taken a break from training.

    Keeping active is now important to him to help prevent further clots. Perhaps see exercise as a way to have better control over your health and life?

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    You have a very passionate WHY to be healthy. You’ve got this, go take off those 10 pounds and re-immerse in the gym life.
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    Sorry to hear about your sister. It no doubt is stressful.

    Please try to take care of yourself. You are important to you just like your sister is important to you.

    Keep in mind that getting rid of the 10 pounds is going to be easier than getting rid of 50 pounds. The weight can go on pretty fast if you don't get on this now. A big giant virtual hug from me,
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    So sorry to hear your sister suffered a stroke. It's very important for you to make the time to get back to exercising as it's a great stress reliever in difficult times. Is there someone who can sit with your sister for two hours three times a week while you do this for yourself? If you're her primary caretaker, you beed to take some breaks to refresh yourself and avoid burnout. Best of luck!
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    I originally got into running (and then triathlon, and then weightlifting) to cope with a huge emotional trauma from a few years ago. I get a different kind of mental benefit from different things - I think long-distance cycling is the best medicine for me personally. I did a cycling trip across a US state last spring that was one of the high points of my adult life.

    If you're in a typical North American climate you may not be positioned to cycle right now, but generally speaking maybe you'd like to try out some new activities to help find your emotional center. Good luck!
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    Sorry about your sister. Hope she is better. If you've done this for 3 years, you know what to do, and you know very well that something is better than nothing, and that doing a little leads to doing more, which leads to doing a lot well. Just start doing a little when you can. I wish your family the best.
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    Sorry to eat abut your pain! How is she?
    Hardship in life makes us stronger and more capable to deal with later obstacles. You can do it