Looking for motivation and buddies.

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I created my initial account in 2014, and I flopped back and forth with my logging and weight loss. I signed in the other night, saw my weight fluctuations from 2014-2017, felt pretty down on myself; and from there, I decided to start fresh (I created new account so I'd stop looking at the old weight logs), and seek some support here in lieu of just lurking.

I'm 38, married female, and from Oregon.

I have had a hard time keeping my food logs running... I would either forget to log my food, or I'd screw up on my calories and fat grams and, basically, give up. Sometimes I gave up for a day or two, sometimes longer. This time, I hope I can just keep going, keep logging, keep exercising, and keep losing weight.

Feel free to add me. :)

*Edited to add more info, apologies, I got shy.