Support Group?

I feel so... desperate :-(
I’ve never been heavier in my life, and recently the scales just seem to be going up faster than ever. I hit 102kg today - I’ve gained ~15kg in the past year after having my gallbladder removed... :’(

I just can’t stick to anything and feel really disappointed with myself. Everytime I cut down my calories I massively binge a few days later. I feel like a crazy out of control person...

Trying to eat at 1200 cals a day... it just doesn’t feel long term sustainable. I used to exercise a lot but now I have joint pains (in my ankles) and a trapped nerve that spasms in my back... I’m scared of damaging myself... gah :-(

Just anyone else feel as desperate and low? Anyone been there and managed to break the cycle? Would anyone like to buddy up and whinge together?


  • MichelleSilverleaf
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    I remember that disappointed feeling, but you're taking the first step by being here so that's good. Take it one step at a time, even if it's small steps. 1200 is too low for a lot of people, go with the number MFP gives you. I don't know how tall you are but my start weight was a few pounds under yours. At 1lb a week loss MFP gave me 2170cal a day at 259lbs, 5'6, and I was losing quite steadily. You can find some low-impact exercises pretty easily on youtube, chair yoga might be a good one. Swimming might be another. I would focus on finding a proper number first instead of defaulting to 1200, work on some meal planning of foods you like and what helps you stay satisfied longer. When you've gotten the hang of that, move on to something else.
  • rdgfit
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    1200 calories sounds quite low. I recently had to increase my daily limit as I was having a hard time sticking to it and I just was not getting enough and I was plateauing. Per the comment above I would let MFP prescribe you a target. All the best!
  • iyshee
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    I’ve had MFP set on 1kg loss a week - and it comes up at 1280-ish a day (I’m short!)

    Have changed it to a 0.5kg loss a week and now it’s 1800-ish which seems much more do-able! Thank you guys - not sure how this didn’t occur to me to try earlier (I just get desperate as I get heavier and was trying to shift some quickly... not gona happen I guess!)
  • purplebobkat
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    Have a look at intermittant fasting. Its an easy way to reduce your calories while not being hungry all the time.

    Its not for everyone. But i had my gallbladder removed as well & it works for me.

    I do 16:8

    Thats eating for 8 hours (12-8pm) then fasting for the rest of the time.