Goal weight?

Hi everyone! I have lost 120 lbs and I am getting close to my goal weight. How do I figure out exactly what that is? Every time I google it I get a different answer.


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    I don't think there's a specific weight you should be, as every body is different and different numbers look and feel different. I think the best way is to make lots of small goals, and then from those goals look and see how your body feels.
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    You decide on it. There is this calculator:


    I am shooting for BMI < 25, but BMI isn't accurate for everyone.

    But the main point it, you will get lots of answers from lots of sources. You have to decide what to aim for; something you think you can maintain.
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    Congratulations on the big loss!

    Your goal is personal. You aren't going to find it via Google.
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    What's your doctor think?
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    Congratulations on your loss! My goal was BMI less than 25. When I hit it, I swapped to non-weight related goals: I want my waist to be smaller than 30 inches, and I want to be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes.

    I'm continuing to lose weight, but more gradually - I'll be happier when I'm at my goal weight fully dressed, in the middle of the day after eating, on the doctor's scale! But the main thing now is how I look and feel.
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    Those are great goals! Getting just under 25 BMI doesn't seem like enough. I didn't lose all this weight to just make it and stop. I think I have to shoot for middle of the range.
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    I'll be happier when I'm at my goal weight fully dressed, in the middle of the day after eating, on the doctor's scale!

    It is disheartening how different that weight is sometimes. That is a good extension of the under 25 BMI (which is my goal also). I chose the <25 goal also because it is not a number I made up and therefore I can't decide to change it plus my goal is a number to stay below so if I want to increase the range I have to lose more.
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    I found the weight right in the middle of the normal bmi range for my height and chose that. I just reached it on Thanksgiving, and I really think it is a good weight for me.
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    I am aiming for the top of the BMI range. It will be interesting to see what that feels/looks like. I can feel my ribs with 30 lbs. to go.
  • That is absolutely incredible.
    Congratulations :D
    As someone who is nearing my weight loss goal.
    I have made the decision to allow my body to tell me.
    No books, google or any outside factors.
    When I feel comfortable at that weight I will go to maintaintenance.
    Perhaps you could do the same.
    You can always make the decision to lose more weight later if you felt inclined to,

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    Congrats! I'd say you have a pretty sweet problem to worry about :)

    I agree with the above about gauging it according to what your body says and how you feel. I set myself the goal weight but I don't mind it being a couple of kilos up or down depending on how I look to myself and what I feel comfortable with.
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    I'm going to make my usual statement: Unless you have a worrisomely distorted body image, you'll know it when you feel and see it. No one else can tell you (though your doctor's opinion is worth serious consideration). An online calculator for sure can't tell you.

    Women with a skeletal structure that has a broad pelvis and with larger breasts will feel and look best at a little higher body weight than someone with narrow hips and small breasts, for example. More muscle means a higher body weight is likely to be better, compared to a less muscular person. Personal preferences matter, too.

    It makes sense to set a provisional goal, then reassess as it gets close. How do you feel? How do you look? If you feel/see that you're not quite there yet, what changes do you realistically want to look for as criteria?

    Based on that self assessment, you can move your goal up or down. Trust yourself.

    Personally, I moved my goal down by a few pounds a couple of times as I got close. I had an idea of how I'd know I was there. Literally, there was a day when I woke up, looked at myself, felt great, said "this is it!" and began working on stabilizing at maintenance calories.

    You'll know. :)
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    Those are great goals! Getting just under 25 BMI doesn't seem like enough. I didn't lose all this weight to just make it and stop. I think I have to shoot for middle of the range.

    I agree. That was my approach and when I got to mid-healthy I went a bit lower because I'm a runner, and those couple of kg make a big difference.

    I'm average build, small bust (now I've lost weight). Your structure and habits may differ.

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    Thank you for the your insights. I hope that I'll "just know". I feel pretty lost when I look in the mirror right now. My body shape has changed so drastically. My husband and everyone say I look fabulous. I really appreciate it. But I have quite a bit of loose skin I don't like and stuff is a little droopier now that I'm in my 40's. Not quite sure what to think of it all. In clothes I think I look good to others. But underneath I am wondering what to do. I know the loose skin goes away with time for the most part. At least mine has along the way. It takes a few months. But I want to love what I see in the mirror and I don't yet.
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    First congrats on the weight loss and you should be very proud. We can be our own worst enemy is what I say. I honestly dont have a clue as to if loose skin shrinks over time or if it would need to be removed with surgery. i guess it all depends on how fast you lost the weight. I carry my extra weight of course around my waist and I also wonder about what I will look like after I lose the weight. That is why i am happy to be losing slowly to give my body time to adjust.

    If with time you still have some loose skin, then maybe talk to someone about surgery. I have no idea what the cost is, but in the end if it helps you then i say do what is best for you.