How do I decide on a goal weight?

I have lost 120 lbs and I am still losing I'm 8 lbs away from a BMI of 24 which is normal range. My weight range supposedly is anywhere from 118-154. My problem is- my body has changed so much over time. I look in the mirror and I don't have any idea how I look to others or what is supposed to be "normal". Everyone tells me how fabulous I look. I get it... I am thankful. But I don't quite know what to do with it either. When am I supposed to decide I'm done and my goal is accomplished?


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    You could stop in the middle of that weight range, or perhaps just under the 24 BMI.
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    Bravo on your 120 lb weight loss!

    That's a big change. No wonder it's taking a while to get used to.

    Google "ideal weight calculator" and check a few out. See how you feel about what they tell you.

    How tall are you?
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    Middle of BMI range seems as good a place as any to start from, by which I mean as a basis for reassessment based on your personal factors; e.g., if you have a small frame then perhaps a bit lighter, if you are particularly muscular then perhaps a bit heavier, or if you've got a lot of loose skin weighing you down but 'doesn't count' from the standpoint of determining 'how fat you are' relative to the BMI chart?

    I'm personally also considering some vanity factors. That is, I'm 5'3" and have my 'stop and reassess' goal set at 130 (I think the healthy BMI range is something like 105–140 for me?) even though I have a very small frame and have been as low as 105 at this height (but I'm talking about my last growth spurt when I was 15). I probably 'should' be around 110–115? How I arrived at the figure of 130 as my first goal is because I was 125 the last time I was still small enough that I personally felt like I could pretty much wear anything I wanted. I had imperfect areas and would try to hide my upper arms and stuff like that even back then, but for the most part I was comfortable with myself. But back then I was also flat-chested and had short hair, plus I was 21 then and now am 43, so figured I should make at least minor allowances for middle-age spread. Now I have boobs and hair down to my butt, both of which weigh something. If by the time I hit 130 I'm lucky enough to have at least some of my chest still I might just stop and not risk ending up with deflated sacks. If that ship has sailed by then, I might keep going to try to get to a more 'optimum' weight for my frame for health reasons.

    Sorry if this is a lot of information about a total stranger that you could not care less about. I was thinking that sharing my thought processes—as opposed to my specific goals—might be helpful in terms of your question about how to go about figuring your goal weight based on your personal circumstances.
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    Once you get to a healthy weight and if your medicals are all normal it's pretty much a matter of personal preference. I'm on a long diet break right now and I'm still about 15 lbs from a healthy BMI. I'm holding on to quite a bit of belly fat that I'm not sure will be down enough by then. My plan it to pick back up with a small deficit after the holidays, get to 15 lbs off and then decide if I want to keep working on the midsection.
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    I like the calculators at Think about your ideal body fat percentage (look at photo samples online), and it will help calculate your current bf% and goal weight. I use the Military Body Fat % calculator.

    I currently have a goal of 25% bf, that looks healthy to me. When I get there, I'll have to see if I want to go down more.

    Congrats on your 120 lb loss!!
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    Deflated sacks!!! Oh I am laughing. I am 42 and the girls are definitely not the same as 22 and pre-baby. I was triple D when I was heavy. Now I am a D which is fine with me. It's easier to find a bra. But there's nothing holding them up. I appreciate your thoughts about weight, age, etc... mine are similar. I have a lot of loose skin. In the past it takes a few months for it to go away some. Right now I am a little horrified by the loose skin. But I think it will get better.
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    So, it is all about what you like. How comfortable are you now? What would you like to change? Seems like - if I might translate - that you would like to tone up? And address the loose skin.

    As to body weigh - I take BMI with a grain of salt. For me, it is not important (in that I personally don't give a <kitten> what BMI says) but it is important because lots and lots of things seem to make use of BMI. I try to follow the concept of a weight range vs. a static number. But, I also look at daily weight as simply one data point on the weekly graph and look at Calories and Macros in terms of 'the week' vs. each day's numbers!

    Consider a body re-composition maybe?
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    You have done incredibly well. I bet at this point you have a lot of skin that's extra you're dealing with too? That's weight that hopefully will eventually go away.

    I picked the weight I was when I graduated college. That was a BMI of 22 and it's the weight I returned to after both my kids. When I got much thinner than that when I was nursing I got grumpy. When I got more than that I felt fat. It seems my natural zone.

    Is there a weight like that in your life?

    When I was losing I got close to that and started getting slower and slower as I approached it (I chose a 5 pound zone between 150-155). However, once I was in it, it stuck there pretty easily for four years. I'm about five pounds over that now, but moving in the right direction. (For me it's not calories - I always hit those numbers. If I don't exercise I drift up no matter how much I eat.)

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    It sounds like you are there.

    Really, the next skill is learning how to maintain. The only way I can do it is to keep logging as when cutting, but eating at the maintenance level. The moment I stop, my weight starts to come back up.

    For me, it helps to have some "I almost never eat" items, including pie crust, brownies, donuts, cake with frosting, craft beer, ice cream, etc. (I know everyone is going to jump on this last comment.)
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    In my case, I intended to stop at 131, which was a good weight for my 5'6" frame, but because I was exercising fairly heavily (marathon training), my weight continued to drop when I was trying to maintain. It took a while to figure out what my calorie needs actually are, and even then, when I am training more, my weight continues to drop. A year after I reached my goal, I seem to have stabilized around 121. It's a bit too thin in places, but there is a certain freedom in knowing that if I do gain a few pounds, I'll still be a healthy weight.
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    I am 5.6. My range is 118-154 lbs. I have also read that you add 5 lbs for every inch above 5 ft. That would put me at 130. Mid range would be 139. So maybe 130s is a good goal.

    Above 100? I haven't heard that one, but it gets me spot on.
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    Orphia wrote: »
    I am 5.6. My range is 118-154 lbs. I have also read that you add 5 lbs for every inch above 5 ft. That would put me at 130. Mid range would be 139. So maybe 130s is a good goal.

    Above 100? I haven't heard that one, but it gets me spot on.

    That's a very old rule of thumb. I used that guide 40 years ago, but today that would too low for me.
  • @sexymamadraeger
    Have you tried dancing?that helped me and i lose 2 pant sizes and I have found that it is one of the most fun as well as addicting exersises ever. Just a thought.
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    mid range BMI, ideal weight calculators and your formula will all put you in about the same range, 130 sounds like a great goal. And know that with as much as you’ve lost (great job BTW) your body will continue to change once you hit maintenance - skin and all.