Check-in Buddy/Buddies?


Anyone willing to be a check-in buddy to keep each other on track? Multiple people even. The more the merrier.

When I first started trying to track my food, I had a "coach" from a program I joined (sadly, that program is shut down), and that kept me on track because I knew my food logs were reviewed. Something about knowing people can see my food shenanigans kind of makes me behave in the kitchen.

I imagine there's other people out there like me. :)

If this is something you're up for, please add me and let's do this!


  • ann161mfp
    ann161mfp Posts: 1 Member
    Reguest sent
  • mushak
    mushak Posts: 4 Member
    I really need a accountability buddy
  • nocookiestoday
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    mushak wrote: »
    I really need a accountability buddy

    Add me woo!!
  • cathipa
    cathipa Posts: 2,992 Member
    Feel free to add! I've been on MFP consistently since 1/2014. I have tried every diet out there and have found MFP works when you put in the effort. My diary is open as well.
  • So do I. Anyone who wants to can add me as well, I am tired of the yo-yo dieting, binge/restrict cycle. I'm making changes now but my official start date is Dec 1st ..I need to lose this weight once and for all.
  • 400mdash
    400mdash Posts: 1 Member
    Anyone can add me for accountability! I like working out and am trying to lose a few pounds. It’s very frustrating because I’m an emotional eater.
  • pinkfitqueen
    pinkfitqueen Posts: 368 Member
    Add me
  • beateljeese
    beateljeese Posts: 3 Member
    Definitely seeking an accountabilibuddy. Feel free to add me!
  • sophizizi300
    sophizizi300 Posts: 1 Member
    I want a check in buddy!
  • fencina
    fencina Posts: 1 Member
    I would love to have some accountability! I started a program on Monday and don't really use the forums in here much. I decided to check for a small accountability group, please add me. I am doing IF and eating 2000 calories a day, around 165g of protein.

    Add me and let's keep each other motivated and true to ourselves daily!
  • deyoun
    deyoun Posts: 96 Member
    Yes please ! Added you. Anyone else, please feel free to add me. I need to loose 40 lbs and struggling big time.
  • Add me! :) I am active daily on MFP. I am trying to lose about 10lbs even during Christmas!
  • samko1976
    samko1976 Posts: 125 Member
    me too! Losing a pound a week but still got a hundred to go. Anyone can add me too :)
  • Ohwhynot
    Ohwhynot Posts: 356 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • minusadeghi
    minusadeghi Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me too! I’ve been looking for accountability buddies for a while now, and I strugggggle with binge eating but I am currently tracking my meals and it’s actually helping. Would be great to have some people to do workout check ins and to just keep the momentum going since it seems like everyone else around me is completely content with not getting fitter!
  • dixiegirl913
    dixiegirl913 Posts: 20 Member
    I majorly need a buddy to stay accountable.. also someone to help me in areas I’m not doing so good in. (Healthy cooking is something I’m trying to understand but I’m not doing very well) Trying to lose at least 50 lbs I’ve lost about 15-20 but I’m stuck now.
  • mimweed
    mimweed Posts: 19 Member
    Anyone can add me!
  • mrw0915
    mrw0915 Posts: 40 Member
    Sure, why not. Feel free to add also.
  • chocolategemz
    chocolategemz Posts: 2 Member
    Feel free to add me too please! Lost 65lbs previously when I had an accountability partner, but I'm no longer on that programme. I've been slacking doing it by myself, so would definitely appreciate somebody to help me stay accountable.
  • JeffKeene1967
    JeffKeene1967 Posts: 30 Member
    i'm game