Tips for feeling Sooo Hungry all the time!



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    Exercise is important and curbs the appetite. You say you have a condition but there might be ways around it. Maybe small dumb Bells with your arms if your legs are not good or elastic bands. Maybe a reclining bicycle to move without the pressure or the balance. Sometimes even by just going outside and breathe fresh air might be good, forcing your body to adjust temperature and things. I don't know how debilitating your condition is but maybe you could ask your doctor or go to a gym and ask a QUALIFIED instructor about the stuff you could do.

    Im thinking maybe pool activities? My community centre has a water walking group, very low impact but great resistance.

    Also I find drinking unsweetened herbal tea instead of plain water helps me. It takes longer to drink and feels like more fun. If I’m still hungry after a cup I’ll have a snack. Celestial seasonings is my fave! Spiced tangerine or bengal spice have loads of flavour without sweeteners.
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    Definitely consider your food choices. I eat 1800, but I still get ravenous if I’ve been eating carbs (of any type) without also eating plenty of protein and fat.

    For example, I’ve just had lunch. I had whole-milk yogurt with blueberries and some leftover chicken breast for 350 calories. I’ll be satisfied until dinner. If I had low-fat yogurt, blueberries, and a slice of bread—also for 350 calories—I’d be hungry again within the hour. Change things up (increase and decrease your various macros, eating them in different proportions than usual) and see if that helps.