LadyBoss program by Kaelin Tuell

Have any of you use the lady boss program? I just signed up yesterday for a free trial for cyber Monday. I work out at home and I am very much a beginner. I feel very lost and confused about what I actually need to do to make working out effective. I personally do not agree 100% with her eating plan but $27 a month for someone to really map out exercise for me alone seems worth it. I was just curious if anyone else has used it. You may have seen her come across your FB ads..cute bubbly blonde with obnoxious fake eyelashes.


  • toriblayne1220
    toriblayne1220 Posts: 1 Member
    I am a LadyBoss and love it!
  • aedfit
    aedfit Posts: 65 Member
    I'm a LadyBoss! Are you still doing the program?
  • mscote12
    mscote12 Posts: 220 Member
    I just signed up for the 28 day challenge with ladyboss and ordered a bag of Lean. I am a little nervous and am curious what the program will entail...but we'll see! I just joined the online community too....anyone still doing the program??