Anyone else pregnant?

I'm currently pregnant with my second child (due late July/early August) and I want to be healthier this time around! With my daughter I stuffed myself with Oreos and junk food and I still have about 20 pounds to lose from that. I'm not trying to lose weight right now obviously, but I do want to make better choices this time.

Anyone else in the same boat? Feel free to add me for some motivation!


  • ManBehindTheMask
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    I'm not pregnant, just look it
  • I am, due with number 3, will be due around 25th July !
  • sazsmith002
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    I had my 4th baby 8 months ago. I gain a bit while pregnant but I worked my butt off afterwards and lost it all again :)
    Always good to make healthier choices, i did and still gained a lot but I also had a lot of fluid retention. So as long as you know what your putting into your mouth is pretty healthy and you keep up your water then your doing good!
  • SarahsHustle
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    Hi penny! I'm not pregnant but we're trying for baby number 2 so hopefully soon I'll be in the same boat as you! I had no prob losing the weight the first time and I hope it would be the same the second time but who knows! I know it's a struggle so im adding you for support to you and so you can be a motivation to me as well! God bless your pregnancy! Stay healthy!
  • michsax14
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    I am pregnant with my first, due in August!
  • Bex953172
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    Im pregnant, due in March! Not long for me to go! 3rd (and final) baby!

    I’ve only gained around 6lb so far and some of that will be baby seeing as I’m 6m gone!
    But I’ve been plagued by sickness, heartburn and chest infections so I’ve not pigged out like I normally would.

    Just have a healthy balanced diet, go easy on the chocolate and fizzy stuff and things high carb and full of sugar, you can still have them but just make sure you moderate it
    As it’s so easy when you’re pregnant to eat the lot :lol: especially when them cravings kick in!
  • semhe
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    I’m pregnant, due February 12 with baby #2. I’ve gained more than I’ve planned and am trying to keep my eating in check. Third trimester has proven to be a hungry one. Gained about 15 lbs so far, but wasn’t thin to begin with.
    My biggest battle right now is telling myself the baby would rather have a piece of fruit than a piece of pie
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    In the same boat :) I'm due in July. This time around I am "trying" to gain a healthy weight.