High fat? Low carb? High protein?

So conflicted on which way is the best way for ME to lose weight since I have soooo much to lose. Help? Advice?


  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    Eat the foods you like that fit your calories.

    If you find yourself hungry with a suitable deficit start to play around with your macros.

    I find fibre the most filling but we are all different.
  • HellYeahItsKriss
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    I think people spend far too much time fussing over what specific diet will work best for them before learning their strengths and weaknesses. How can you pick a diet for you until you know what makes you full or leaves you feeling starving. Most people usually eat within their calories and see how things go, if they notice they are starving on higher carb days that would give them an indication that maybe higher protein would be a better choice. some people feel better on higher carb days so aim for more carb choices within their calories.

    regardless on whatever method you pick you have to eat within your calories and no one here can tell you what macros are going to work better for you
  • kimny72
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    Just start logging and hitting your calorie goal. As you go, make notes of how you feel. See if the days you do well correlate with having more or less of one macro or another and go from there. There is no universally best diet for everyone. For me personally, sticking with balanced macros while getting my fiber up has worked best.

    Calories for weight loss. Macros for satiety, and some health and fitness goals.
  • lemurcat12
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    My thought: if you have a lot to lose, focus on calories first. Get a goal from MFP and start logging.

    You may want to eat a generally healthy diet, so if you don't already, start making some changes in that direction. Hit at least the MFP protein goal (going over protein is fine), try to get in a good amount of vegetables during the day. If you eat lots of junk food or sweets cut down (and fruit can be a nice alternative to sweets). If you eat lots of refined grains think about substituting whole grains for at least some of it. Fattier cuts of meat MIGHT be replaced by leaner cuts (although fat isn't bad and I personally eat chicken with skin and dark meat as much as breast, but if you are eating lots of really fatty (high cal!) options replacing with some leaner ones can make it easier -- fish and shellfish are often good. These are general ideas that you might already be doing, of course. Most important ones, IMO, are eating lots of veg and making sure protein isn't too low. If you do that the diet is probably reasonably balanced and filling.

    Anyway, main thing is that once you start logging and hitting your calories, pay attention to how you feel and what helps -- when are you hungry and not? Adjusted based on that. You lose based on calories, the rest is about making the way you eat easy and pleasurable so you will stick with it.
  • dwilliamca
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    Eat a balanced diet choosing a variety of foods from each of the food groups. Start with the macros provided by MFP and see how you do. Each macro has a purpose in the diet and eating a balanced diet ensures that you will get enough of each and the correct amount of vitamins, mineral, and fiber as well.
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    So conflicted on which way is the best way for ME to lose weight since I have soooo much to lose. Help? Advice?

    All diets work the same way...calorie deficit. Do whatever you will stick to over the long haul. Personally, I'm a rich in whole food nutrition, balanced diet kinda guy...
  • JasmineDiver22
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    Yeah I’m eating within my calories deficit. Before when I first started, I wanted to lose 2 pounds per week. But that was unsustainable for me, so I put it to 1.5 pounds per week so I gave 250 more calories, plus more from burned calories. I’m in general eating healthy. I’ve done this many times before so I know what’s good to me and what I need to do. I was just wanting to see if there was any difference I could make that was more sustainable than what I’ve done in my past.
    1st go around was high protein low carb, 2nd time around was high protein and moderate carbs since it was so hard to give up.

    So recently I found out I was gluten intolerant.. so with that being said, I have to watch almost anything lol. I just focus on having as much protein as I can, 1-2 servings for veggies, 1-2 servings of fruit a day. (No it’s not a lot...) but compared to what I was eating before my diet, my body will be like... whoa what you doin girl lol
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    You can experiment with those to see which is best for you personally. The only thing that matters for weight loss is a calorie deficit. Many find a low carb diet helps them keep to said deficit.