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Hey y'all, I'm maybe a month and a half in with crossfit classes and I couldn't be happier! No matter how terrible and embarrassed I feel (I know I shouldn't), I keep going back bc I love trying to do the workouts. I love the group of people I'm with, and most importantly, I love the two trainers I work with.

So, all that aside, how do I get past the feeling that doing this is impossible? I know it isn't, because I'm attempting everything, and though I've only completed one WOD in full, I'm still going through them as best as I can. My weight, health, and lack of flexibility are all working against me, but that will change as I progress, and get healthier. This is definitely a mental thing though, and I don't want to slow down because my brain is working against me as well.

What are your tips/tricks to work past the impossible feeling?

(I feel I may be answering my own question, or shouldn't ask bc I continue to attend classes. However, the hopeless feeling during workouts is distracting and makes me feel like I shouldn't even be there)


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    It's all in your mindset. You're already participating and making progress so first give yourself a pat on the back for that!

    Focus your mind during your workout just as you do your body. Tell yourself you CAN do this and then do your best. Make it a point to only allow positive thoughts to occupy your brain during your workout. Preferably, before and after as well. Everyone starts somewhere, so just stick with it!
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    You are lucky, because Crossfit is big on scaling a workout to suit YOU and what YOU are capable of, not what everyone else is doing. Use the scaling to your advantage - do what you know you can do, challenge yourself a little each day, and you will see progression. Don't rush it.....good progression takes time, and good form is everything - when doing the olympic lifts - way more important than rushing any weights.

    If your box is like ours, I love to see new people come in... especially someone who has never done CF before, or even worked out before. steps. Small goals.....and you DO belong there. All of us started from where you are starting...and I'm sure we all felt the same way. Just think, if you stick with it, a year from now you will be watching others come in and experiencing it for the first time, and you will know how they felt, and will be able to encourage them as well.

    You already understand the most important part - that your body will change as you continue....and you can't help but get better over time.

    My trick for my husband to stay with it, was I challenged him to stick with it for 2 weeks. Then at the 2 week mark, I challenged him to stick with it for a month. Before that was over, he was already hooked and seeing changes, and here we are, years later, still going to CF every morning.

    Loving your trainers is HUGE...and the people you work out with. I think you will do just fine!! :)
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    Thanks to both of you! I appreciate the comments. And yes, already some folks have commented on changes. I've also looked back at a blog I'm keeping about all of this, and there is progress there. Run a little father without stopping to walk, a workout or two without my inhaler. There definitely is progress, so it really isn't as impossible as it may seem in the moment. I'm going to try to focus on the "I can" thoughts more than the "this is impossible" thoughts. I've already proven that it isn't!
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    A tip- stop using the word "only" in reference to your accomplishments.
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    Thank you @88olds , I will try =)
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    You love trying to do the workouts.
    You love the group of people
    Most importantly, you love the two trainers you work with.
    It isn't impossible because you're attempting everything
    You've already completed one WOD in full
    You're still going through them as best as you can
    Part of working out is definitely a mental thing.

    Compare yourself today to who you were last week, not to where others are at today.

    "Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long term success." --Robin Sharma