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Setting a Weight Range

EJBarnerEJBarner Posts: 68Member Member Posts: 68Member Member
Hi all! It feels a bit silly to ask this, but I'm feeling uncertain about it and I want my transition to maintenance to go as smoothly as possible.

I've been getting close to my goal weight lately, and it occurred to me that I have no idea whether I want that goal to be at the top or bottom of my maintenance weight range. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my body: I think my body fat percentage is probably a touch higher than I'd like (I still have a bit of flab on my upper arms), but by and large I'm happy with what I see. I've been losing the last few pounds sloooooowly, but today I had an unexpected whoosh down to 127lbs after hanging out at 130 for a month. It made me suddently uncertain whether my goal is still losing, or whether I reached maintenance without realizing!

Stats: I'm 5'5, SW: 162 CW: 129 GW: 125 (my original goal weight was 130 but I adjusted it downward a bit). I've been doing weightlifting and strength training without a set program throughout my whole weightloss process.

I've been trying to slowly bump up my calories, but an irrational part of me is worried about doing that before I actually 'reach' goal. (I boosted my calories from 1350 to 1600 all at once when I shifted to .5lb loss/week and it was really jarring and difficult for me mentally; I had to go back a bit lower and work my way up slowly instead.) Is it just all personal preference at this point? Should I try to get down to a range of 120-125 to see if I like it there and purposefully gain a little back if I don't? I've been haunting the maintenance forums for months but somehow now that I'm actually getting close I'm second guessing myself -- and a bit nervous about learning what my maintenance calories are.

I'd love to hear what people who have already experienced this transition think! Thank you guys so much for any words of wisdom you can provide.


  • kristen8000kristen8000 Posts: 567Member Member Posts: 567Member Member
    For me, I picked a "high" number, which meant if I hit that number, I HAD to get back on the bus and start eating less again until the scale # came back in range. I've done the range before (this is the 3rd time losing weight and hitting goal). This time I went a bit farther south than I wanted by about 7lbs. I got so used to eating less, that my stomach wouldn't let me eat more and I had stayed away from so many higher calorie foods that I found that they, when eaten, made me feel gross and get an upset stomach. So even though the thought of being able to eat more was amazing my body had other plans. So, on Sept. 25th 2017 I changed my calorie level but didn't actually eat more - resulting in more weight loss. My "OH CRAP" number is the still the same, but now I have 10lbs of gain to get there. In the past, a gain of 10lbs was easy and thankful because I'm tall, it doesn't show.

    For specific #s...I'm 5'11, 39 years old, currently weigh 142.2. Started at 161.8 on Aug. 31st. My weight range is 152-147. My goal weight WAS 150. I'm going to see how things work in December, and consider changing my "range" in the new year.
  • tyrindortyrindor Posts: 236Member Member Posts: 236Member Member
    130 seems like a good weight at that height, smack in the middle of normal BMI. At this point you should focus on more lifting and strength training I think.

    Most people have some fab on upper arms, especially those after weight loss. It will tighten over the years, but building muscle can help "hide it" faster.
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  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 10,123Member Member Posts: 10,123Member Member
    I stopped at the high end of my range because it was so bloomin hard to get there. But since that happened over 4 years ago a further 7lbs dropped off over a long period of time. I'm at my happiest range yet (125-128lbs - I'm 5ft 2 / UK size 8)

    You are at a good weight for your height.
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  • nowine4menowine4me Posts: 3,178Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,178Member, Premium Member
    It sounds to me like you’ve found your range — 127 too 132. Congratulations
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