What are your fave dieting snacks? low cal/small but sweet/filling but boring?

What are your favorite snacks to have handy when you are dieting?

I have some for a sweet fix, and some for a hunger fix...

- Mini Milk (30 cal)
- Schar's Crackerbread
- Individual portion of Boursin Cheese
- party size packs of chocolate buttons/haribo
- ice lollies
- Chocolate Mousse (not the lovely decadent ones unfortunately)


  • kommodevaran
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    I don't snack, but whenever I want a treat, I choose whatever I want then and there. I don't do low cal, filling or boring - my food has to be tasty and appropriately calorie balanced.
  • gem88mfp
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    in Uk;
    I quite like salt and vinegar snack a jacks (rice cakes). They have them in a crips bag or as one larger one in a mulitpack.

    A kellogs k bar/ an alpen one. They are about 100 calories or under, quite nice if Ive got a sweet tooth.


    A boiled egg.

    Some low fat humous with cucumber/ celery or carrots.

    Also quite like a lemon moose or chocolate moose on occasion.
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    I don't snack, but whenever I want a treat, I choose whatever I want then and there. I don't do low cal, filling or boring - my food has to be tasty and appropriately calorie balanced.

    This. Small bites don't really satisfy me in the slightest. I'd rather not bother!
  • estherdragonbat
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    popcorn, dry cereal, string cheese, veggie dogs, the occasion bag of veggie straws or protein chips. Also, I make desserts that come in at 200 or fewer calories per serving. I just tried making a recipe for apple strudel that comes in at about 100 per. (However, I didn't warm the phyllo to room temperature and it broke when I tried slicing it. I'm sure it'll taste fine, but it's more like apples and dough flakes...)
  • toxikon
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    Popcorn, pickles, Halo Top, instant oatmeal, Fiber One bars, sugar-free mini Reese cups, sugar-free Werther's hard candies.

    I still enjoy junk food snacks on special occasions, but having lighter-calorie options more frequently helps keep me sane.
  • leggup
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    Costco has loads of big boxes/bags of individually wrapped things. I really like the mozzarella singles-- 1 oz of mozz for 70 cals. I also like the guac singles with carrots, the hummus singles with carrots, and individual apple sauces.
  • egirlcat207
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    I mix a small portion of vanilla Greek yogurt and some peanut butter until smooth- toss it in a small bowl and sprinkle some mini chocolate chip on top. My go to evening sweet tooth attack is very satisfied.
  • ritzvin
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    snack craving:
    Popcorn w/ butter-flavoured oil spray (amount of the latter depends on remaining calories).
    SF jello
    Apple with cinnamon & splenda

    hard-boiled eggs
    cottage cheese
    1/2 Clif bar
  • kelly_stevens81
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    flavored rice cakes
    hummus and veggies

    Bulky (kale, cabbage, etc) salad with low calorie vinaigrette and canned fish (tuna, kippered snacks, sardines)
    Protein (fish, chicken, steak, pork) and a bag of roasted seasoned broccoli

    Halo top
    Frozen Berries (with whipped cream sometimes)
    Low Fat vanilla Yogurt with frozen berries
  • EHollander89
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    Here are some of my favorite snacks:
    -cottage cheese with berries
    -apple with cheese
    -carrots and guac or hummus
    -100 calorie packs of cashews
    -100 calorie popcorn bags
    -protein bars (Quest bars cut in half work great)
    -Fiber one brownies
    -string cheese
  • debtay123
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    My go to:
    100 calorie popcorn fiber one bars, yogurt, sf jello with cool whip,raisins with few nuts, small individual bags of chips.
  • dsboohead
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    Boiled egg
    Fiber cereal with cashew milk
  • pigheaded
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    100cal nut packs are great to help with the munchies. Coca covered almonds are the bomb!
  • skinnyjingbb
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    For filling snack, I'd have soup, like miso soup, chicken stock with some chicken and veg(no thickening),egg drop soup etc. For sweet, coffee with milk and stevia and vanilla extract. Sorbet made of frozen banana, berry and greet yogurt. I also like roasted seaweed when I want some salty snack.
  • RomanEmpire31
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    Rice Cakes
    Diet Root Beer
  • Leannep2201
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    Boiled egg
    Raw veggies with hummus
    Crispbread with avocado or cottage cheese, or promite and low-cal cheese
    A piece of fruit
    If I need something sweet- a 100cal cereal bar (I like Kellogg's Special K but I think that's a New Zealand thing)
  • ccruz985
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    Cottage cheese, some chicken, and garlic Triscuits. Except, I don't find it boring, I looooove cottage cheese. And garlic Triscuits. And chicken.
  • trisH_7183
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    I keep boiled eggs in the fridge.Great snack as is,also handy for egg salad,on green salad etc.One of my faves is a sliver of cheese in deli turkey slice roll up.Good with fresh veggie slices on the side,or a portion of bean salad.
    Every thing seems to lead to something else.Bean salad keeps well & adds protein to a salad.Add baked potato,sweet or white & you have a meal.