How do you deal with head colds and hunger ?

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I've been a little more hungry than usual this week and couldn't figure out why, as I eat basically the same thing every day. Well, I woke up today with a raging head cold. I love to eat when I'm sick. Doesn't matter what it is, I will eat all of it. How do you manage your hunger while sick? I was going to give in and induldge or at least eat at maintenance for a day or two but this particular cold seems to linger about two weeks in everyone I know. That seems to be too long to let things slip. Do you just tough it out?


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    Allow yourself to eat at maintenance on any sick days. Done right, you shouldn't be hungry.

    Helps to avoid sweets, which make you hungry later. Also, watch the salt in soups.

    You never know, could go away in a day!
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    I agree, eating at maintenance won't make you gain any weight and really, getting back on feet is more important than loosing a pound, in my opinion anyway.
    Don't see at it as a set back but as a way to give your body energy to fight off any bacteria or virus.
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    I eat at maintenance at sick days. I'd be miserable otherwise. Plus I figure my body probably needs it to help fight off the illness and help me recover more quickly
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    Eating at maintenance isn't slipping, it's just putting weight-loss on hold while your body takes care of more important matters, like not being sick.
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    Thanks everyone! I'm only four months in to things and this is the first real "obstacle" to come up. Very reassuring to hear how others deal with it!