Paintstick Workout : Please add ideas

There was a cool idea on one of the many MFP blogs from the past several days that calls for mixing up your workout. They suggest writing exercises on popsicle sticks and drawing a few out each day. It sounds fun, so I’m going to grab some paint sticks and give it a shot. Help me come up with more ideas that are body weight or Kettlebell/dumbbell friendly. I’m thinking AMRAP in :60 five different selections a day with 4 reps each. For me, this will be in addition to a 40 minute walk/run and in lieu of lifting for a month or so.

Jumping jacks
Hip bridge
Stability Ball Crunches
Medicine Ball Twist
Bird Dog
Low plank
High plank
Side plank
Pilates 100
Kettlebell Swings
Calf Raises
Tricep Dips
Mountain Climbers
Hand Walkout
Squat Jumps


  • Cherimoose
    Cherimoose Posts: 5,209 Member
    I'd follow a proven strength program designed by a pro, since self-designed programs usually end up imbalanced. For example you're lacking pulling exercises ("back"), and overhead lifts ("shoulders").
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    i keep seeing this thread and reading 'painstick'.

    with that said, how about turkish getups? and some carries? i don't personally think either is a great thing to do for time, but there are so many other benefits.