Game of Thrones - Season 7, Part 2: Winter is here

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To Game of Thrones fans!

The next part of the Season 7 Game of Thrones challenge, "Winter is here", will start on January 7th, and last for 11 weeks, until March 25th. This part will cover episodes 3-5 of season 7.

(The last episodes will follow in a later challenge. We plan to finish season 7 by June 30th.)

The Basics:
  • After joining the challenge, all participants must choose a House (or the Wildlings) and sign up by January 6th by posting in the respective thread in the group.
  • This is a team-based challenge, so you will look to your teammates for support, advice, and motivation.
  • Each team/house completes various challenges every week, to include cardio, strength, and flex exercises, as well as a food challenge and other small challenges depending on what is happening in the Seven Kingdoms. For each challenge you meet, you'll get a point, and the House with the highest average points wins the week. (There is no required weekly weigh-in, although you can of course post your current weight in the chat.)
  • You should calculate for about 250-300 minutes of workout time per week, if you want to meet all the workout challenges. A typical weekly challenge from last season is posted below.
  • Most of the weeks you can share your workout minutes (Cardio, strength, flexibility) with one other team member, to cover missing required minutes. (E.g. the goal is 100 cardio minutes. You only have 70, but another team member got 150, then he can give you 30 minutes and both of you meet the goal and get a point.) There is no upper limit to sharing, but you may only share with one person.
  • If you think you don't have enough time to complete all the challenges, you can join the Wildlings! They don't have to meet the challenges, but also don't take part in the weekly competition.

Each house is limited to 20 participants, so sign up early!

If you are interested, follow this link and request to join:

If you have any questions, please post them here.

Example week (from part 1):
At the Citadel...

Sam: Archmaester, with respect, I've seen them--the Army of the Dead. The white walkers. I was sent here to learn how to defeat them, but everyone in the Citadel, those who will even talk to me, they all doubt the walkers ever existed in the first place.

Marwyn: Everyone in the Citadel doubts everything. It's their job. But the tales of the Long Night can't be pure fabrication. Too many similarities from unconnected sources.

Sam: Sources in the restricted area?

Marwyn: The very same. And the simplest explanation for your grating obsession with the white walkers is that you're telling the truth and that you saw what you say you saw.

Sam: So, you believe me.

Marwyn: I do. You'll finish weighing that heart?

Sam: That makes you the only person south of the Twins who does.

Cardio: 100 minutes
Strength: 60 minutes
Flexibility: 140 minutes

Small Council Challenge: Sam is going to need a boost to get through his duties at the Citadel and to convince the Maesters of the White Walkers' existence. To give yourself a boost this week, complete this short workout on two separate days.
You may make any modifications necessary.

Food Challenge: Sam wants access to the restricted area in order to get information about the White Walkers so that he can help defend the Realm. You must also educate yourself this week. Your task is to research a different diet or weight loss strategy. You must then report back to your house with what you found. Decide whether this would be something that you might try in the future, or something that would not work.
For example, I could research intermittent fasting. It is not something I have tried, but I would find out more about it, give a short report to my House, and let them know what I thought about it.
You could also research the latest celebrity fad diet.