Help with finding low / no carb solutions

I have recently been directed to consume 2x more protein than carbs to offset a borderline high cholesterol condition. For most, that is not a difficult task. For me, that presents some significant challenges. I cannot swallow many foods including meat, pasta, rice, cheese, bread, and nuts among other things. Making a puree of meat does not work. I have limited success with nut butters. I am also directed to keep cholesterol intake to less than 3%. If you have some suggestions, I would appreciate them. My creativity is starting to wane. Thanks.


  • wapan
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    Egg whites, protein powders?
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    Who directed you to eat those macros?
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    If anything fibrous and fat plant based foods and unsaturated fats (lean proteins and fish) are highly beneficial to improving metabolic markers, aside from weight loss and exercise.

    Not sure having straight protein will help, especially from an energy perspective. Fats and carbs are great energy sources.

    Did you get any details on macro or calorie spilt?
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    Thanks for the comments. Yes this is all directed by physicians and dieticians. I have a throat disorder that is partially an unfortuante side effect from a recent surgery and partially due to a defect in my throat. I have details on the macro splits and on the calorie targets. I do protein powders, protein drinks, pressed juices, and pureed foods that I can tolerate. I was looking for some other ideas that I had not tried yet. I cannot eat cheese in the solid or liquid forms. I cannot eat meats at all. I can sometimes tolerate fish.
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    Can you tolerate Greek yogurts? They are much higher in protein than carbs so long as you don’t consume the ones with all kinds of added sugars
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    some I can. In case you did not know, there are also soy, almond, and other vegan-based "Greek" yogurts available. Of those options, the ones made by Silk are much smoother than traditional Greek yogurts. I recently has a protein drink with a Greek yogurt mixed in. I don't know that will try the ready made drink again, but will mix my own. The ready made drink was in a metal-lined container and tasted metallic. However, it was a new combination for me to explore. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I am so sorry for your unfortunate situation. I wish I could be of more help, but others have already mentioned protein powders. Gelatin is also high in protein, one packet of Knox is equal to one ounce (8 grams) of high-quality meat. You can mix it into clear broths to sip like soup, if this is easier for you. Can you swallow jello at all? I have difficulty swallowing, too, but nothing as incredible as what you experience. I wish you luck ~ I am here if you need anything.
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    jello is another that it depends on the day. I had not considered Knox for protein. Thanks for the new idea. Good luck to you also. Let me know if I can share any of my crazy combinations with you in return.
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    After my ex had all his teeth pulled, and then was denied replacements, we had to get creative. I found this book to be helpful:

    "The Non-Chew Cookbook" by J. Randy Wilson.
    ISBN 0-9616299-0-8.
    The publisher is Wilson Publishing in Glenwood Springs, CO.

    It originally sold for $23.95. Amazon has it listed used for around 9 dollars. I found it at the thrift store for about a dollar. It has recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts for people who can't chew or have problems swallowing. Every recipe has calories and macros listed. There are fish recipes, but plenty of vegetarian choices as well. Hugs to you!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look for a copy. Is there any favorite of yours in the book?
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    Have you talked to a speech therapist who specializes in eating disorders? I bet they could help direct you to some ideas and resources.
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    I had not considered asking them for food suggestions. Unfortunately, my throat disorder is not something that a physical therapist or a speech therapist can help with but you are probably correct in that they have nutrition suggestions. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    brich9449 wrote: »
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look for a copy. Is there any favorite of yours in the book?

    I love the Salmon Tetrazzini, and most of the smoothies. Sometimes I'll use a little egg protein powder to give these a protein boost. Egg protein can be a bit pricey, and I find using too much can affect the flavor of a recipe, but overall, I enjoy it.
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    Low fat salmon mousse. And 'aspic' - it's basically meat jelly. You could blend things to put in the meat jelly. It's the kind of recipe you get in 70s cookbooks but don't see that much, now. And what about hummus? I'd look for recipes for low fat dips and hot starters online. Yoghurt cheese. Lentil dip. Also, if you beat an egg into hot stock it sets in tiny fragments. The Italian have a soup called stracciatella that uses this technique. Also used in Chinese chicken sweetcorn soup - you could blend the other ingredients. What about frozen yoghurt desserts? Sounds v hard for you - sending sympathy.
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    Thanks for the additional suggestions. Egg drop soup is one of my few soups that I an eat. I do hummus as long as there is not anything added to it. I have not tried aspic. I will look for it. Thanks. I am not sure about the Y0ghurt cheese. Cheese is almost always a no go.
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    A restrictive diet plus swallow issues really means you should work with a dietician. That's very specific given the amount of protein sources you cannot eat