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2018 Resolutions?

getoffin1yeargetoffin1year Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
Whether fitness or diet related or not.

My goal is to read at least 15 books and eat a salad a day.


  • bz2018bz2018 Member Posts: 143 Member Member Posts: 143 Member
    I love pasta, but I should eat less carbs lol
  • maryjennifermaryjennifer Member Posts: 124 Member Member Posts: 124 Member
    To focus on a keto diet and exercise program
  • traleentraleen Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member
    Keep going to the gym but focus on toning. Continue to eat healthy most of the time. Spend less money
  • tmyaytmyay Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    To live in the reality of Love, Grace, Appreciation and Service
    To be thankful for my wonderful daughter,my health, my work and all that i have (and don't have) in my life
    To enjoy who my daughter is while helping her grow into who she is meant to be
    To spend less/more mindfully and keep growing my savings/investments while enjoying a FUN/Fit/Fabulous life
    To do my own version of a mini triathlon (a little swimming/walking or elliptical/and biking) almost every day
    To add stretching/yoga to my routine
    To eat salad and fruit daily
    To hydrate daily
    To dance!
    To buy a wonderful house that is a warm home for my family and friends, full of shared meals and laughter
    To date with loving intention and connect with my soulmate
    Thank you all for being part of this wonderful and supportive community!!

  • Rosiev2014Rosiev2014 Member Posts: 67 Member Member Posts: 67 Member
    I’m going to drink more water....
    I want to make more of an effort to keep my busy house cleaner and tidier!
    Try to exercise everyday (even if just a short 20minute fitness blender blast!)
  • Ekoth1017Ekoth1017 Member, Premium Posts: 100 Member Member, Premium Posts: 100 Member
    That’s a great New Years resolution!
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