Resolutioners: How did your first day go?

ggirgis44 Posts: 29 Member
Have you stuck to your goals? What will you do differently or the same tomorrow?


  • Versicolour
    Versicolour Posts: 7,161 Member
    Day 1 was a disaster, but I wasn't planning for it to be anything but disastrous! Day 2 is my day 1 and so far, so good.

    Although I think I am allergic to 2018! Sudden onset of hayfever for no discernible reason!
  • ggirgis44
    ggirgis44 Posts: 29 Member
    Salpalshep, definitely! Grocery shopping helps immensely! MyFitnessPal does rock! Awesome job on your first day!
    Wise words, Soul-Radiation. Tomorrow is always a chance at a new start. Kudos on your first day, too!
    Versicolour, best of luck to you on your first day tomorrow! Hopefully that hay fever goes away quickly. You've got 2018 wrapped around your finger!
  • poetic_cell
    poetic_cell Posts: 772 Member
    Not as planned grrr
  • zcb94
    zcb94 Posts: 3,679 Member
    Day 1: success
    Day 2: meh
  • eccomi_qui
    eccomi_qui Posts: 1,831 Member
    There’s always tomorrow!

    (Repeat x 363)
  • xtaneishax
    xtaneishax Posts: 1 Member
    Really great haven't eaten unhealthy for 4 days now
  • blueheartrisen
    blueheartrisen Posts: 30 Member
    So far so good!
    Logged my food and did not exceed maintenance

    For now, that's all I'm requiring of myself.
  • chellycakes
    chellycakes Posts: 348 Member
    So far so good! Didn’t log yesterday but I’ve been to the gym every day and I think I’m sticking to my goals
  • whosshe
    whosshe Posts: 597 Member
    My resolution is to be kinder to myself.

    I think it went very well. I put on a face mask. It was great.
    My fairly expensive purses and makeup came in the mail. I'm happy. Thank you me, that was very kind of you.
  • Batman_0808
    Batman_0808 Posts: 12 Member
    Went outstanding! Felt great and pushed the limits. Diet going strong and hope to hit gym 6 days a week twice a day.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    Same as usual, but from now on I am going to eat more cheese at night.