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Thank You, NPR! "Resolved To Lose Weight? We Gave Food-Tracking Apps A Try"

After so many depressingly incorrect articles full of absolute silliness, it is SO NICE to see a news organization put out accurate, insightful, common-sense information on how to lose weight, for once, and it doesn't even involve ACV:


Although the author used a different app, there was a hat tip to MFP.


  • 4legsRbetterthan2
    4legsRbetterthan2 Posts: 19,459 MFP Moderator
    I wish I could debate this, but I got nothing....
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,712 Member
    That's what I like about NPR compared to TV news.
  • brig220
    brig220 Posts: 52 Member
    Thanks, I love NPR.
  • French_Peasant
    French_Peasant Posts: 1,634 Member
    I wish I could debate this, but I got nothing....

    LOL, I don't know why I put it in the debate section....just habit I guess! It's just telling most of us what we already know, but it's definitely heartening after reading the many articles that say calorie counting doesn't work.