Favorite NON-Beachbody Workout DVDs?

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  • spatula69
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    If I were you I'd go on you tube and check out all the fitness workouts on there. You will find everything you will need, from body building to lifting workouts to get strong but not bulk up, to resistance bands, to ultra running. What ever is your thing you can get on there and it is FREE.

    Whitney Simmons
    Alexia Clark
    Has fit
    Fit Gent
    Body building.com

    All of these have great advice regarding form and what they do to stay fit.

    Good luck :-)
  • spatula69
    spatula69 Posts: 22 Member
    PS Your World Within is also good, not for workouts but for inspirational videos that help you focus and achieve the goals you set.
  • TeaBea
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    I like Kelly Coffey Meyer 30 Minutes to Fitness series. Each DVD has 2 - 30 minute workouts & then lots of premixes to keep it fresh.

    Reviews & video clips here:


    Check your local library for DVDs too. See if you can try before you buy.
  • jeremywm1977
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    Not a DVD, but FitnessBlender is awesome.
  • spzjlb
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    I also recommend FitnessBlender.
  • youngmomtaz
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    Just a note. Women do not “bulk up”. We have something like 16 times less testosterone than men so it is not even on the radar of things to worry about.
  • sarahthes
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    Leslie Sansone isn't bad. Sometimes I have to put her on mute though...
  • ghreinesueter
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    Jillian Michaels