50lbs Before 50th Birthday

So yesterday I turned 49 I have Survived a lot longer than i thought. So I decided this last week at 49 I need lose at least 50 before i turn 50 Weighed in this morning at 359.2 wow should be my highest weight i have seen on a scale in my lifetime. So now I have 365 days to lost at least 50 of that if not more be nice to be under 300 for my 50th we will see. I will post from time to time my updates I plan to do high protein low carbs as much i can and add some exercise to my life. 2018 is a year i want and need to add Yoga to my life been procrastinating that for about 5 years now. Wishing everyone the best that life has to offer in 2018 :)


  • esmesqualor
    esmesqualor Posts: 85 Member
    This is a great place to start. I wish you strength and perseverence! Don't get frustrated, just keep trying. Add as many fruits and vegeatbles as you can, and eliminate processed foods as much as you can and start tracking everything, even if you are embarassed. Remember, this is a process; it will take quite a while but if you don;t give up you will eventually win!
  • Cmariez1
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    I hear you.... I'm doing the same for my 50th next year. I've lost 7lbs since 3 weeks ago. Watching the foods eat and starting to exercise more. Feel free to add me as a friend, we can keep each other motivated!😁