Things are weird and harder now

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I am wondering if anyone has had the same experience as me.
I wanted to lose 100 lbs and got about halfway to goal, reached Onederland, felt good. Changed MFP settings and calorie allowance went up from 1500/day to 1660/day.
However, now, I find it harder to stay strict and keep to my calories and put on a little weight (6 lbs). It almost seemed like I was having an easier time when I was at 1500/day.
I know the holidays messed me up, but I was having problems well before holidays. And I know it is all about what I am putting in my mouth. Just seems like I cracked the door open slightly by increasing calories and now it has opened even more.
Going to Club Med and dealing w/ their buffet was hard. And eating out w/ my mom once a week is hard too. I succumb to buffets.
I will get strict again. I need to close the door. And exercise.
Thanks for listening


  • kommodevaran
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    I wish I had words to comfort you, but I think I can only try to encourage you. Not eating too much takes discipline. Not eating too little takes discipline too. Losing weight is is slow, but it's just the beginning, you'll never be "done" - ups and downs and Christmas every year, that's what the rest of your life will be. But normal days should over time, by far, outweigh special days, so as long as you get back on plan after holidays, you're doing fine.
  • misskitty2018
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    do what your mind is telling you to do...go back to the 1500 to 1600 days and see if that makes a difference. I have the same problem about what goes into the mouth. mind over matter ;)
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    You absolutely can do this. I find myself using any spare calories I have on Cookies and other stuff. But I am just beginning. I know my habits will get better. If you go to a buffet try eating a huge salad first? And drink lots of water. That will fill you up and help you not eat as much of the bad stuff. Just a suggestion!
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    That is the thing with food. Once you open the door up just ever so slightly, it is so easy to swing that baby wide open again!!!! This I do know first-hand, just yesterday in fact. I started a challenge at my gym January 1 called Raise the Bar. This year it is about cutting back on your processed sugar intake, really staying within your alloted sugars (minus healthy fruits & veges, thos are freebies to us). I did very, very well all last week & yesterday my kids wanted Mickey Mouse waffles, so I made them. Well, I had one & some syrup, contains sugar of course, & right after that it was like riding a rollercoaster right from the top straight down to the bottom!!!!! I felt horrible last night & couldn't sleep. Physically & mentally my body just felt blah. So, I feel you, I truly do!!! But, you got this & so do I!!
  • orangegato
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    Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate all the encouragement and tips. Yes I’m in this for the long run and for life. I’m still finding my way. But I will.