Anyone do their first weigh in for the New Year?

I did mine yesterday (comparing to my last one at the end of last year)! I'm down 0.9kg and down 1.8% body fat. So happy!

Anyone else seeing great results for the New Year yet?


  • taterfitness
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    Congrats on the loss that’s awesome! Haven’t started seeing results yet but getting back into crossfit and trying to eat better day by day! Hope that your year is still going great.
  • pogiguy05
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    Well awesome your seeing results. Someone started a 25lbs by April fools day and made a spread sheet to keep track of everyone's progress. We are weighing in on Mondays so I started Jan1st at 214.3 and currently 211. I dont take the body fat to seriously unless I do one of them Bodpod or Dexascans.

    If I posted this right that is the link to the thread. The link to the spreadsheet is on page one. There are 2 sheets so far and you can add yourself.