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    I can safely say that vaping has nothing to do with this. On average, 5 ml of vaping liquid contains 20-30 calories. It all depends on what kind of liquid you are using. Also, it should be borne in mind that some of the calories are scattered, so their concentration is even less. I'm on a diet right now, but I don't stop vaping and it doesn't stop me from losing weight. I'm more than sure that your problem lies elsewhere. Track your daily routine, maybe there is something that you did not pay attention to, but it is very harmful to your health. When you find what it is, I advise you to get rid of it. I understand that this may not be easy, but when I had a similar situation, I decided to reward myself for giving up junk food by purchasing a new vape. I have not yet chosen which model I want to buy myself. I really like the assortment at vapeandjuice, but I'm afraid that if I hurry with the purchase, I might blunder. What vape kits do you use or can you advise me? I would be very grateful.
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    That's a lot of vaping. How do you find time to eat? Seriously, I doubt it has an effect on your weight but that can't be good for you either.

    95% better for you than smoking - in the UK anyway
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    Vaping is much better than smoking for you and it is not even close. It is great for your health, but not as bad as smoking. Vaping was something really cool few years ago and people now are using some different kind of E cigarettes and those are not something that I understand. They are like new iphones, same as old one, but newer model... I still love vaping and because it is not that popular now the prices for it are good. There are awesome vape kits online for really good prices. It is a bargain and if you want to start vaping you should visit vaporsolo, you will find everything there.
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    And what liquids do you smoke?
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    I am more than sure that vaping has nothing to do with your weight gain since it does not affect your appetites like nicotine or alcohol. There aren't many calories in it, but it all depends on the juice you use.
    For example, I always shop here — A great store with a vast selection of liquids for every taste. My favorite is menthol. It is refreshing and smells nice.
    Therefore, you should carefully analyze your diet, physical activity, and hormonal background. I am sure that this is the reason for weight gain.
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