Your friends aren't going to do this for you.

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I hope no one is too offended by this post, because it's actually meant to encourage and motivate. That's my disclaimer.

I've noticed there's a lot of people looking for friends for accountability and motivation on here. I'd like to take a moment and bluntly say if you need people on the internet to keep you accountable to your eating plan, then you're already in trouble and you're not going to make it. We change our lives when we get fed up enough and we simply say "that's it, I've had it! I'm not living like this anymore!" I'm sorry but you can have ten thousand friends on here watching your food log but you can fool all of them with the stroke of a keyboard. This whole thing is like many other things in life that people struggle with, it's 80% behavior and 20% knowledge of what to do. Stop spending your time trying to network yourself into behaving with other people who are probably going to fake their food log too and get to work on your life. You don't need me to watch your food log, watch it yourself! Take the time to learn the proper way to do this and then get with it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you absolutely need someone to hold you accountable then pick someone in your life that will be honest enough to hurt your feelings if you need them to, a person behind a screen name isn't going to do that for you. The needle will move when you take responsibility for yourself and begin making good decisions every day. Get after it, you can do this!


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    Perhaps you've heard there is a difference between introverts and extroverts? If not, there is a lot of info right here on the internet.

    I don't add people to the friends thingy. I don't look at my profile page or my feed, even though I do have some "friends" on here. I just don't make use of that feature any more.

    I never had my diary open, either. I tend to get stuff done better if I don't have input from outside myself.
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    You could not have said this any better. I believe that when you are a group member and others see that you are doing well, they believe that by befriending you they too will do well.It just does not work like that. Motivation and accountability come from within. If I cannot motivate myself, then no one can do this for me.
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    Having an accountability partner is never a bad idea. Someone to message you and say "Hey...You have not worked out in a few days, what is up?" I mean, I agree that it ultimately comes down to whether you actually do it or not, and no friend on here is going to physically make you do what you need to. To each their own, if you choose to use an accountability partner that certainly does not make you any less of a person than someone who does not.
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    the_prez3 wrote: »
    I will also add to the discussion that motivation in the sense often discussed is emotional. Emotions will not carry you very far as we all know that they change by the minute. The moment you're not "feeling it", is the moment you slam half of a pizza (done that). The journey of recomposing your body is a long and sometimes daunting one chalked full of the thrills of victories and the agonies of setbacks. Emotions will not carry you through, they will leave you when you need them the most. So don't depend on them and don't depend on some stranger on the internet to bring you to the promised land. Find a reason to do this that is so strong, nothing will stop you. That is the only way you will make it. This can only be done if you are willing to pay a price. It is hard, but it's worth it.

    So how much we talking here like $300? Ok 4, final offer. When does the motivation happen?
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    Right. It's a mindset. Discipline versus motivation. the whole Grit thing. Not everyone has it.
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    Right. It's a mindset. Discipline versus motivation. the whole Grit thing. Not everyone has it.

    You're right, but it is what's required. Everyone is looking to make this easy. If it was easy, everyone would be fit. So folks just need to find a way to adapt and rise to the occasion instead of trying to dumb this down.
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    I have friends on here but it's mostly just to connect with other people who are on the journey with me. Honestly what keeps me going everyday is my logging streak 95 days and counting baby!