What should we really be eating...This is not for the faint hearted

Hi Everyone

Before you read this, I will warn you that it may contain some information that may disturb you, but I'm really keen to open discussion on what everyone's thoughts are on a safe and healthy diet...

So I recently watched a programme on Netflix's called "What the Health". I would recommend that you watch it, but as I say, be warned you may find some of its contents unsettling. The programme revolved around food production and the USA Government's many reports on the ideal healthy lifestyle/nutritional recommendations. The presenter, Kip Anderson, investigated the nutritional benefits of a plant based diet and how other diets effect our health. He also investigated some of the largest American associations and their claims on how to improve your health; for example, the American Heart Association and their website which suggests healthy meals containing red meat, yet red meat is a contributor to heart diseases. His journey lead him to finding that the sponsors of these associations contained some of the USA's largest producers of foods that actually contribute to a deterioration in health as opposed to recovery. Not only did I find this shocking, but also disturbing as it made me distrusting of the information I'd be likely to find on their site, which in turn could hinder my health. Similar findings were found in other associations where sponsors were found that actually worked against the cause instead of with it.

The programme went on to talk about how humans were always meant to be fed by plants and that we were never meant to be carnivores. It also talked about the benefits of a plant based diet and how simply following this could dramatically improve our health and aid recovery and cure to some of the worlds deadliest diseases, such as cancer. It also explained how the world has created a demand for meat based produce, so much so that it has created battery farming animals and cruelty to them all so that we get a larger stock on the supermarket shelves to feed us. Watching some of the footage was atrocious; overfilled barns, animals contracting illnesses, skin defects such as abscesses, all of which contaminate the meat which we in turn digest. There was footage of a slaughter house bursting abscesses on pigs before butchering them and it literally turned my stomach.

This programme was an American production and talked about the American food supply, but it made me think about what happens in the UK, and how, no matter where in the world, production of food in this manner could be considered safe to our health and wellbeing. I was really intrigued by the idea of a plant based diet, which seems to be the healthiest option, but we also face the whole GMO situation. But while I say this, and I'm really keen to try it, I think I'd miss meat, yet now have a sense of guilt and disgust eating it, wondering really how the meat was created and treated before it reached my plate.

I was wondering what others thoughts on this are, and whether it is wrong of me to feel this way? Has anyone had any success on a plant based diet and is the transition easy? And what do you consider a healthy diet? I'm personally a big believer in everything in moderation, but is this really safe based on the above findings? Is what our Government's feed us (literally and information wise) really something we should trust?

Must admit, I do feel a little unsettled having watched the programme but feel I learnt a lot all the same. I'm a bit of a mixed bag of emotions and would really like your thoughts/views.

Thanking you all in advance x


  • Rushbrook60
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    Great big steaming Pile of bollocks.

    I sincerely hope so! But it's certainly enough to make your stomach turn!

    Let's put it this way.....even vegans think so.

    Haha! And that's says a lot. Thank you for your feedback ☺
  • Chieflrg
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    Thank you everyone who has replied. It's insightful to learn other people's views. I've clearly been the typical viewer sucked into the programme and have been left reeling from it, but in the bigger picture, it's only selective information being presented to us.

    I will definitely look into trying a plant based diet. I quite enjoy some vegetarian dishes already and have them freely by choice as opposed to being given to me (ie. dinner at friends houses). I will now look at this from an ethical point of view as opposed to gaining benefits from false claims.

    Sounds good.

  • wizzybeth
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    Furthermore, life is too short to be fretting over things like this. We are all going to die eventually. My dad beat the odds and died at age 77 in spite of smoking upwards of 1 pack of Camels a day for his entire adult life and a portion of his childhood (he smoked his first cigarette at age 5, and began smoking regularly at age 10). Not only that, but he ate all the bad stuff - sausage, scrapple, eggs, potatoes, grease, butter, red meat, bread...every. single. day. of. his. life. He was never a pound overweight because he was a laborer and had a huge amount of exercise every day plus he was an avid outdoorsman. He probably could have lived to be 100 had he not smoked. Meanwhile, I know more than one "health nut" type person - who ate organic, vegetarian, etc. who succumbed to cancer before the age of 60.