Hmmmm...New to this and confused

ok... 52 years old... out of shape, overeater, no self control looking to lose weight... How do you hold yourself accountable... I know... cheating only hurts me... Anyone???


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    I found logging food intake a great help. Now it's just a natural part of planning meals I look forward to. And redefining myself: I decide for myself what and how much to eat. I eat for nourishment and pleasure, not to ease emotions or pass time. I eat too much sometimes, but I don't routinely overeat. And make it physically harder to overeat, by not buying lots of foods I tend to overeat.
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    I can't say I ever struggled with self control but for what it's worth I found that seeing the results of my efforts in highly precise logging, and my weight tracking according to that, helped me understand how mechanistically my body (like everyone's body) operates with respect to its weight.

    Once you come fully to grips with the fact that there's a simple and linear relationship between your food choices and your weight, I think you might find that helps you stay accountable to yourself. With all the misinformation flying around about weight management I don't blame the every(wo)man for getting disappointed or confused.
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    Welcome! I'm 52! Feel free to add me.
    How to hold yourself accountable -- My suggestions First WHY are you doing this? Ask yourself.. and ask again and ask again like a 3 year old
    Why? To lose weight
    Why? to feel better
    Why? Because I feel tired all the time
    Why? etc.
    How will it FEEL to lose the first 10 pounds?
    Because on the bad days, you'll want to quit -- remember YOUR why -- you're doing this for You, your health, your Life! Read your thoughts... and keep going

    As far as 'cheat'..... set a lifestyle plan. A lifestyle allows for birthday cake.... but a small piece on one birthday - as long as there are not daily birthdays! LOL
    BABY STEPS. It took 52 years to get here. take it day by day to finding new foods that you ENJOY and Are healthier.

    Lifestyle Change!

    you've got this!

    Feel free to friend and message me if you'd like.
    I started because of lousy cholestorol in my 40's and having two little kids. I've changed that bad number!
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    Log your calories daily and try walking everyday and you will loose!
    I am 55 and I have lost 103 pounds by using this app by tracking everything I eat or drink.
    I started last year Jan 15th 2017 at 267lbs 6 foot tall in a pants size 40. In 8 months I had lost close to one hundred pounds.
    In a size 30 jeans now and 164-168lbs steady.
    Went from 160/82 to 122/72 on blood pressure.

    Working on building my muscle’s back now.
    Wife wants me at 180 so gradually trying to add a few more calories in my daily intake and more protein.
    If I had it all to do over I would have pumped iron from day one.
    Feel free to friend me.

    Good luck you got this!!
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    Start small and don't set up too many restrictive rules for yourself - honestly most of them probably aren't necessary anyway. Log accurately and consistently and hit your calorie goal. I found focusing on getting plenty of protein and fiber helped me feel full (some people find fat does that too). Play around with what you are eating until you find a way you consider healthy, you enjoy, and you feel satiated at the right calorie level. Move more, however you can. Get the basics down first, then you can make things more complicated if you really want to :smiley: Good luck!
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    Log both good days and bad. Both are learning experiences. Losing weight is just the first step. Staying on a "diet" and being perfect for xx number of days, may guarantee weight loss, but it doesn't guarantee maintenance.

    Look for daily changes....take more more one less snack. Small changes that can become forever changes.
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    I guess you just really have to want it - more than you want the alternative. That's how I've always kept myself focused. If I really want something, I make it happen. And something that has always helped me is detailed accounting of my efforts. It's like a map guiding me to my goal.

    This might sound stupid, but not only do I track here on MFP, but I have a calendar on the wall at home. For every day I achieve a step in the right direction (logging my food, exercising, eating all my fruit and vegetable servings - whatever you want to track) I put a star sticker on the calendar. You could give yourself multiple stars for multiple things you track if you want.

    I can look back and see my success as the month goes by. It also shows me if I'm slacking. Something like that might help you stay accountable. It sure works for me. :D
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    I'm 52 as well. I've had to make several fresh starts as I tend to let others distract me and "sway" me from eating right. Something as simple as a suggestion will send me off on a binge. I have very little self-control. What works for me, most of the time, is to log my food. Whether good or bad, keep track of what you eat. It will allow you to visually see what the problem is without having to really think about it. I know what screws me up, but when I can look back and see how MUCH it screwed me up, it makes more of an impression and I'm less likely to do it again.

    Don't be so strict on yourself that you find you are hating your life, do what makes you happy. Find the eating plan that works for you. Find activities that you enjoy, so much that you lose track of time, everyone has something. I have to stay busy or I get bored and eat. If I'm unhappy about things, I will counter it with emotional eating. These are the things that I know I do, and I do whatever I can to not allow it. There are days where it's just not going to go well, and that's okay too. I just pull myself out of it the next day because I feel so bad about it and I know I don't want to be there again. Don't wallow in self-pity, it's easy to do and not worth it.

    Goals are great, keep them small and simple so that when you've met your first goal you are ready to hit the next one. Baby steps for the start, and you'll eventually find that you want more than that, and you'll do more!

    Best of luck to you. Don't make excuses when you blow it, just own it and move on. It's a lot about habits and making yourself accountable for what you do.