Instant Pot Obsession

Got two instant pots for Christmas and I've been using them nightly. Please share any heart healthy recipes you have. Thanks!


  • murp4069
    murp4069 Posts: 494 Member
    I love my Instant Pot and use it at least once a week for various things from making hard boiled eggs to meat. I'm not sure specifically what you are referring to with "heart healthy," but has lots of lower calorie meals made in the Instant Pot.
  • ZRunner5Lulaica
    ZRunner5Lulaica Posts: 168 Member
    We got one for our wedding, but I've yet to pull it out to use. D; It's the first kitchen gadget I've gotten in a long time that I'm lost about using. It will probably come out in a couple of weeks though with my schedule shifting back an hour.
  • toxikon
    toxikon Posts: 2,384 Member
    I got one for Xmas and I love it! I've used it about 10x so far.

    It hard-boils eggs like a dream. And I love that I can do 14 at a time with a special trivet I grabbed on Amazon. Great for meal-prepping for the week.

    I've mainly used it for broths, gravies and stews so far. I also made a cheesecake in it and it was heavenly. So dense and creamy!