Beat cancer and building muscle

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I had advanced colorectal cancer three years ago. I had 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. Multiple surgeries, 8 months of chemo, and left with lots of scar tissue all throughout my digestive system. I still suffer from digestive pain and I am prone to obstructions that send me to the hospital to get my stomach pumped. A hospital stay can be one to two weeks and without being able to eat food I end up losing up to 20 pounds by the time I get out. Mostly muscle. When I get my abdominal surgeries I am put on a three month restriction of no lifting over 5 pounds. I have always been a weight lifter and Cancer cannot stop me. I fight through every setback and keep moving forward. I have been lifting again since May. I started from a skinny, post chemo body and have been going ever since. I have days of Chronic pain and digestive issues but I will just work harder on the next day I am able to. osl3104ticbv.jpeg


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    That is awesome.U R a fighter.My sister is dealing with cancer as well. Keep fighting U look awesome!!!
  • Eaturmeat
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    Thank you
  • QueenBee2018
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    Thanks for sharing very inspiring
  • aganey
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    My dad has had cancer twice (colon and bladder). He has beat both. I know the toll the chemo and surgeries can take on someone. You are a true fighter and should be so very proud of your accomplishments. I believe it’s all about the attitude you have during such a difficult time that pulls you through. Keep on doing your thing. You look great!
  • dsboohead
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    Congrats you are a warrior with lots to give others!
  • slimstrauss
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    My mum has had cancer 3 times and numerous surgery, she is a fighter and so are you!!
    Well done you are inspirational.
  • debbiesteinman
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    First off THANKS FOR SHARING!! Wow you are too young to go through all that. Cancer truly sucks!! You are proof that keeping a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE & a Never Give Up Mantra pushes you to attain your goals. I've been weight and strength training for the last three years and recently suffered from a serious boating accident and I could not train at all due to the pain. I missed it so much and recently realized how weak I had become. I just started training now five weeks post injuries and I have a long slow road to recovery. You have given me the motivation to keep plunging forward. I wish you continued good health and beat that cancer!! Thanks again!!
  • jatdh1753
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    Wow, thank you for sharing your inspirational story!
  • debtay123
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    Congratulations on a job well done- you are a true inspiration. My sister in law has fought the battle against cancer 4 times- and is still alive and doing better each day- keep up the good fight of faith
  • supercpa999
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    That is awesome and truly inspirational. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  • Fflpnari
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  • fionawilliamson
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    Wow look at you, amazing story.
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    You sir have made a significant difference in my life. Your strength, determination, and will power to keep fighting are incredible. Now gone are my days of bitching and complaining that I have "Chronic Back Pain"... what I had was a case of chronic complaining and excuses of why I couldn't do the gym. Time for me to man up the way you have, start being a lion instead of a kitty.

    My prayers that the only thing you ever hear again is cancer-free. I hope your health issues resolve so you may live an enjoyable less painful life....

    To all those who get easily offended I apologize, *kitten* CANCER and the horse it rode in on....
  • Wheelhouse15
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    Solid work! Great job and hope you stay cancer free!
  • AudreyJDuke
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    Look at you go!
  • AnnPT77
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    From one survivor to another: Well played - you rule. (I had stage III breast cancer with surgery/radiation/chemo . . . in 2000-2001).

    May you rapidly improve, and long thrive! (Your determination is a darned good foundation for that. :) )
  • BAM! Its a beautiful thing life....and man are you making it happen your way!!!! Inspired today by you! Thank you for sharing such a personal glimpse! Cancer-kick-asser-myself-2001!!!
  • ActionAnnieJXN
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    I’m a cancer survivor too - metastatic bone cancer - and most of my spine is metal now, but I’m working out every day (in a safe, doctor approved manner) and trying hard to build my strength and get my health back as much as possible, despite the pain. Thank you for sharing your story, it helped me a lot. Rock on.
  • rockymir
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    Wow, you rock!!
  • cory17
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    From one to another - you rock! Applause!!
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