Keep me accountable and let’s be friends.

Eaturmeat Posts: 107 Member
I love working out so that’s not my problem. I have a huge appetite and don’t always make the best choices in food. This app is great for breaking it down and I think in time I will learn to eat better. I would love some friends for Support and maybe share meal ideas


  • AlyssaPetsDogs
    AlyssaPetsDogs Posts: 421 Member
    You can add me! I’m good with the food, but the exercise is hard for me since I have restrictions
  • deeblues13
    deeblues13 Posts: 84 Member
    Im the same massive foodie that enjoys big portions
  • dadof2boyz
    dadof2boyz Posts: 156 Member
    I'm struggling with the food and a lot with the exercise. Coming off heart surgery 2 years ago I can't convince myself to work out again - walking is the extent of my exercise. Trying to get back in the gym but have such a mental block... can always use the support on both fronts.