Truck drivers

ddunagan69 Posts: 11 Member
I am a professional driver of over 20 years. Wondering if other drivers are on here struggling with their weight like me. Access to cappy foods, long working hours, and lots of time sitting around


  • amray1
    amray1 Posts: 3 Member
    Likewise, gas station goodies are a killer. I've tried switching that to raw and/or cooked vegetables and beans/stews. Working from 4am to 5-6pm definitely has you tired so you much lots of crap to stay alert, also by the time you get home, there isn't much time to eat before bed, so fast foods on the way home is so convenient.
    I'm home every night, also train new employees for the deliveries so ones timing and planning can go out the window very fast.
    Have you mastered a plan for yourself yet?