LFG: Geeks and Gamers to embark on this quest!



  • Anna_137
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    Hey! I'm a PC gamer and used to work in the video game industry for a company that make MMORPGs. Playing a lot of WoW at the moment (played on and off since 2006). I also like a lot of Nintendo games (Pokemon, Mario, Legend of Zelda etc).

    I love board games and pen & paper RPG games (D&D and Call of Cthulhu

    My current weight is similar to yours currently hovering around 258. I'd love to be friends. :)
  • MaelynMayhem
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    Hello! I'm new to the site. I'm a gamer, old school table top of oWoD mostly, Shadowrun, and D&D. My favorite PC game is Dungeon Keeper. I know I'm probably dating myself, but that's okay. I'm not overly fond of board games, but like Apples to Apples, Life's a Pitch, and Farkle (10,000), regular and spicy. I am looking to lose over 200 pounds. I have a long ways to go, but that's okay, one step at a time. I just looking for a bit of support. One of my goals is to get small enough to make wearing the Star Trek: ToS science officer's female outfit look good. :smiley:

    My weight is around 330 right now. I'd love to be friends.
  • LindyB2018
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    Hello fellow nerds!! I too enjoy gaming. Which is sadly a big reason I’m in this boat I’m in. Feel free to add me!
  • LikeABoss80
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    After the gym PUBG is life
  • Hey all, feel free to add me. Gaming is one of my hobbies, both video and tabletop. In fact, I'm currently playing fallout 4 and have plans to play the Dark Souls board game this afternoon during the super bowl. It doesn't get much geekier than that. I'm also into comic books, sci fi and fantasy novels and TV shows, and like going to conventions. I have been on MFP for over 5 years now and primarily use it to maintain. I enjoy trail running, weight lifting, kickboxing, biking, you name it.
  • sportychic87
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    After the gym PUBG is life

    I wish there was a high five emoji on mfp! :)
  • rainingribbons
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    Hey all! Fellow gamer here too! Most of my loves consist of PC (WoW/Steam), PS4, 3DS, or tabletop! Games I'm currently working my way through are WoW (only just started playing in November, I have a lot of catching up to do before this upcoming expansion!), Tales of Berseria, the first Uncharted game, and Pokemon Ultra Sun. Tons of games, but I didn't have much time to play anything while in college so there's a lot to catch up on! I also enjoy reading (lots of fantasy and sci-fi), cooking/baking, watching Netflix with the boyfriend, and swimming.

    Currently looking to recomp as I've been pretty sedentary since graduation (been trying to catch up on games!) and everything I gained since then was definitely NOT muscle, so I'd love some friends here to keep me motivated as well as discuss similar interests! (:
  • mrmiya
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    Hey! A fellow gamer here, feel free to add me. :) I play PC games (PUBG, Skyrim and almost all RPGs) and boardgames (Eldritch Horror, Battlestar Galactica etc.). We also have a pretty awesome DnD campaign going on!

    I've always been pretty active, going to the gym, running and cycling, but I haven't really been focused on my diet, so the weight kind of crept up on me. I'm now 150lbs, trying to get to around 125lbs.
  • emcclure013
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    Hello everyone! I'm an active gamer girl as well. I'm big into WoW, but I'll play just about anything. I'm a book nerd and I love my Switch and anything Nintendo as well.

    I started on MFP about 7 months ago and I've gone from 265lbs down to 212lbs. I'm still working on it and have a ways to go, so I'm always looking for new friends. Feel free to add me!
  • MaybeLed
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    Me too,

    I game a lot, not only console but board games too (way to ruin relationships with friends and family). that is my husband's fault.... though him getting fat was my fault (I can cook well).

    I started at ~270lb and was ~222lb this morning. I have an open diary too.

    I mostly play TESO, but will give anything a go, except Resident Evil, made me jump WAY too much. I have been known to play console games on a stationary bike and it's dangerous.
  • bmeadows380
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    Hi! I'm something of a casual gamer but don't often admit it because in my social circles, gaming is something considered to be for kids and young adults, but I'm 38.....it's very nice to find others online who enjoy the same pursuit - I don't feel so out of place here! lol

    I'm not really big into console games, but that's usually because the camera movement in most of them tends to make me motion-sick, and there's not a lot of titles that I'm interested in. I do have a PS2 for Lord of the Rings: 3rd Age, and a Wii mostly for Wii fit (which I sadly haven't used in probably 3 years lol). Well, that and Mario All Stars so I can play Super Mario Bros 3 :grin:

    I"m considering buying my brother's Xbox 360 just for Lego Hobbit.......I do like turn based strategy as it allows me time to think and doesn't require a lot of fancy button work, but I'm having difficulty finding much on that front other than final fantasy.

    I play a few older PC games, with my favorite being Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth (the 1st one, not the 2nd), and a cowboy strategy game Desperadoes, which I actually just started up again for the 3rd time last night :) While browsing the local gaming store the other day, I saw a X Box game called Dwarves that sounded interesting, and found that its also available as a PC game, so I'm going to check it out a little more and may end up getting it to try.

    The only MMO I play is LOTRO, though since I don't currently have the internet and won't until I can get my old house sold, I haven't been able to log in for a while there. I've looked around for a few others, but the newer style gaming makes me motion sick - the inability to fix the camera to one position and to zoom out has really proven to be a hindrance for me. I wanted to try Neverwinter but couldn't for that reason. I tried ArchAge but didn't like how it pit players against each other; I really like PvE and players teaming up and am not so much interested in PvP or hard core raiding. I've heard good things about ESO but I don't think I can play it based upon what I've seen from the play style on Youtube.

    I enjoy board games, too, but don't really have anyone to play with. My mom plays Yahtzee and my SIL likes Scategories, but I like Stratego and Risk. I'm interested in some of the European style games where there is a lot of strategy involved and even games where players play together as a team instead of against each other.

    I've been interested in pen and paper RPGs for a while, but have never had the opportunity to play in one. The game system I'm most interested in is GURPS because its so adaptable - I enjoy fantasy but also westerns and would love to combine the two, except I don't care for steam punk......
  • ZRunner5Lulaica
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    Hullo! :D I'm a PC-gamer, tabletop-rpg rogue, and just general geek. :3
  • Add me!
    I've just started getting into playing D&D, and I just picked up WoW again after a 5 year clean streak.
    I also play Dance Dance Revolution competitively, so it's nice to be able to get some exercise in my gaming. Lol.
  • kimv22
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    Girl, I'm not sure if I'm in your area, but I love video games, anime, comics, movies, etc. (Love your name, by the way). I've really been into Uncharted and Fallout recently. I also like Breaking Bad and Rick and Morty haha! Nice to meet you!
  • qpmomma1
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    I’m a gamer and always looking for friends