How to count calories for sauce?



  • ladyhusker39
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    I like to add a lot of sauce when slow cooking chicken breast (butter chicken sauce) but when it is cooked I make sure to wipe the sauce off of each chicken breast before eating.

    Do I count 100% of the sauce, 50%, none? Worried if I count none that some of the calories in the suave are absorbed into the chicken breast.

    I’d count 100%, but I wouldn’t wipe off the sauce either. Count it and enjoy it, and if you overestimate a little, it’ll come out in the wash.

    That's not an option. I am on a deficit and don't want to go back to old ways.

    Here's the flaw in your thought process. You've never left your old ways of thinking about food.

    Your old ways as you call them are in reality that you have an unhealthy relationship with food, but you think the problem is that you eat too much. In fact, eating too much is a symptom of the problem that you have an unhealthy relationship with food.

    In an admirable attempt to solve the problem you're only addressing the current symptom- eating too much. You're doing nothing to solve the actual problem - an unhealthy relationship with food. In fact, I would argue that you're re-enforcing the actual problem by replacing one symptom - eating too many calories - with it's opposite - obsessing over calories to the extent of wiping excess calories off food before you eat it.

    Work the problem and not the symptoms and you'll be able to not only find sensible answers to your questions, but develop the skills to ask the questions that will really help you be successful in your goal especially over the long run when these symptoms can weight on us and cause discouragement and burnout resulting in giving up.

    I hope that makes sense and maybe gives you something to consider in your quest to create a new and improved you.

    (And I truly hope the rambling and confusing way I'm explaining it doesn't come across as unkind of disrespectful. Tone is hard to convey in writing, but I really do mean to just give you something to consider that might be helpful.)