Women over 50 (menopausal) success stories?



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    Just turned 52 and I can't believe how hard it is to lose weight. I am obsessive about tracking and truly feel I am honest about my tracking of what I eat. I exercise every day and never eat back all of my exercise calories. I have MFP set to lose 2 pounds per week but have not come close to that in the last 3 months. I understand that progress is progress even if it's slow. I am determine to not give up.

    Are you actually weighing everything you eat? (Your avocado, for instance - those are high in calories.) A lot of your diary entries seem to be in cups, spoonfuls, etc.

    Check out this thread for some reasons why it's important to actually WEIGH rather than measure. :)

    Also, how consistent is your logging? Do you really have days when you don't eat very much, or are you forgetting to log everything on those days? Do you have any "cheat" days or meals that you don't log? It's absolutely fine to have treats, meals out etc., but logging it all as closely as you can is important.

    Double-check the entries you're using and make sure they're as accurate as possible. There are a lot of incorrect entries in the database, even some of the ones that have the green "verified" checkmark.

    But at the end of the day, yes, slow progress is still progress! Even if it's only a few pounds by the end of the year, it's still a few pounds more than you'd have lost if you didn't even try. :)
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    I have lost 100+ pounds (18 pounds pre MFP). I started MFP at 59 and was in menopause. I set MFP to lose 2 lbs per week (who doesn't at first) and the first year averaged 1.4 pounds/week. I have never done alot of exercise but do walk daily. As I got nearer to my goal weight I definately saw a big slow down. The first year I lost about 65 - 70 pounds. The second year I lost about 20. I am also hypothyroid so that could have a small impact. It can be done and the most important thing is logging and making sure you weigh things as @SueSueDio says. I'm 61 now and am maintaining although like others I would like to lose another 10 pounds eventually. I'm going to start weight lifting as soon as I can to build some muscle which I should have done long ago.
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    Best of luck, Karla! I'm at 1,200 calories a week. I'm short at 5'1/2" and sedentary. I'm 54 and started at 207 pounds and down to 166 pounds so far with MFP. I strive for 1,200 calories a day and usually go over with a few Wheat Thins that tide me over :) I don't exercise, which would help, but I'm losing nicely and am pleased with my progress. I had a hysterectomy last year that hasn't seemed to effect me at all and have lost all my weight after that, actually! Best of luck!!

    How long has it taken you to lose that much weight - well done tho , I’m only 33 but had my ovaries removed due to cancer so essentially I’m in menopause
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    AKTipsyCat wrote: »
    I just turned 50, and am ONCE again starting on my weight loss journey. I started on the 1st of January with Whole 30, because I suspect part of my problem was inflammation and some food intolerance.. I'm on my last day of the plan and have not had heartburn, (which I was getting regularly) and have lots more energy than normal and my mood is just BETTER. I've lost about 9 pounds this month, and I know as I add some of the foods back, that the rate won't be as fast - but I also know that some of the foods I was eating WERE triggers and I feel like I have more of a handle on what my body can work with. Another benefit is that I'm over the cravings for carby, sweet foods and my morning coffees went from being over 250 calories of my day - to about 40.

    Did you use the Whole 30 books? I don't have the main one. I just got the Whole 30 new cookbook that came out.
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    I'm 56 and have been surgically menopausal since 2001. I am also hypothyroid. In the beginning of April I started restricting my calories to 1500/day, and watching my sugar, sodium, and saturated fat intake. I do a variety of exercises, such as walking and Daily Burn. I have lost 22.5 lbs so far. I am very happy with my progress. It's never too late to get fit and healthy.
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    I totally agree...its never too late. I am 61 and you can get out of your own prison of an unhealthy body.
    I have lost 23lbs since November 2017. I feel mentally and physically better. Only have 30lbs left to go.
    Tracking is a must as well as movement! Love buying clothes that I like instead of just the ones that just happen to fit. If you want it you will move heaven and earth to do it!
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    Orphia wrote: »
    Bumping this, as I think it's a great idea for a thread.

    I lost 80 lbs in 12 months and have kept it off for 2 and a half years. Now aged 51.

    Lots of good advice above.

    Don't believe the myths about it being hard to lose weight as a mature woman. It's hard at any time, so just do it!

    Read the helpful posts announcement topics at the top of the Getting Started and the General community sections, and learn from the successful people.


    Thanks for reactivating this topic. I’m 53 (very close to 54!). I have been post menopausal for 5 years. I’m 5’2” and have lost 22lbs (half way point) since July 23rd. I have 1320 cal/day. I’ve lost the weight by counting calories, no set exercise routine. I do plan on starting to lift in the next few weeks (I need to get through a rough patch at work before I add anything to my schedule). I love MFP because I was already eating realitvly healthy, it was my portions that were out of wack! If anyone tells you a post menopausal 50+ women cannot lose weight just smile at them and say “Watch and Lean Sweetie Pie!”
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    I am 53, weigh 88.9 kg. It's my 44th day of MFP. I plan to be at my ideal weight of 70 kg. In my search of support I found this community blog and I must say that every one here is a champion! Their struggle is inspiring and makes me feel less lonely in the battle of the bulge.
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    I turned 55 2 weeks ago.
    I started doing strict keto 95 days ago and so far have lost 22.8 pounds. My starting weight was 202.6 and todays weight is 179.8. My goal is 145.
    I track, measure and weigh everything. I eat up to 1200 calories a day and I'm never hungry.
    Before anyone barks at my calories there is school of thought that says that if you eat the calories for your goal weight then you are not fighting to stay at maintence, and actually your body has been their the whole time. I have in the past on other eating plans like WW, low fat etc. had a hard time adjusting calories down. Keto keeps me full and there is no adjusting.
    In the last month I have introduced 16/8 IF a couple of days a week on days that it feels right.
    I do not work out or do any exercise.
    I feel GREAT! .

    When I started I committed to a year and I have no plans to change what I am doing.