Weight loss FINALLY



  • rayzerwolf
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    I found it was hard for me to lose weight when I was on my medication for bipolar and anxiety. Eventually I stopped taking them as well and started exercising more and being outside and my mood changes improved drastically. I still have my manic and depressive episodes but I know have the tools to recognize it, my closest friends sometimes pick up on it before I do. Happy to hear that someone else was able to quit taking the stabilizers and feel better.
  • jazzadesigns
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    I too was on Risperdal years ago for depression and gained 40 pounds within months so it was definitely the medicine. Congrats to you in getting things worked out!
  • Babs2Baby
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    That's so crazy! I'm glad that you went further to find out what was causing this, you listened to your body and you knew something wasn't right. I'm so happy that you have this fixed and that even your mood has increased since stopping medication! Yay! time to lose weight!
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    nebuczek03 wrote: »
    don't mind the dirty mirror, my boys don't know how to brush their teeth without flinging water all over and I was too excited to clean it first... Here is... 25.2lbs lost!

    Great and noticable progress :D progress
    Hey....regardless of the dirty mirror, at least they are brushing their teeth!! o:)