So Confused

Stats: 6'2" Male 39 CW: 169 lbs.
Last year I hit a low weight of 153. I decided to go on a bulk, cut my treadmill walks to 1-1.5 miles, and begin lifting weights. Unfortunately, due to a pretty intense breathing problem (surgery every 4 weeks) nothing I do exercise wise is (or can be) very high intensity. During my 6-month bulk (June-Jan) I put on 23 lbs. to get to 176. But at 176, my pants started to get a little tighter, so I thought I would do a little cut to start this year. My strategy was to set my calories at Maintenance, but not eat back my exercise calories. My Maintenance calories are 2490 (Height, Weight, and Lightly Active). In the past 4 week, I've lost 7 lbs. I've averaged 2539 calories/day and 294 exercise calories/day during the past 4 weeks. I've also averaged 181 g of protein/day.
My plan was to do the cut for 8 weeks total, but do I need to readjust anything? I ask because I feel I'm losing weight too fast again. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you


  • quiksylver296
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    The calculator that figured your maintenance calories is wrong? They are just generic algorithms. You need to take the data you've gathered and adjust. I'd suggest adding 100 calories per day for a couple weeks, assessing your weight loss, and see if it's where you want to be. If not, rinse and repeat.
  • namasara
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    I think @quiksylver296 gave you a great suggestion! I hope it works out for you!!