Intermittent fasting



  • jjpptt2
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    There's a lot of YMMV when it comes to things like IF. For me, it exacerbated my tendencies to binge, so it wasn't a good fit for me long term. That's me, and how IF works with my needs/preferences/issues. Someone else will probably have a very different experience.

    IMO, IF isn't one of the radical, off the wall, diet trends we see all too often. As such, if it sounds doable for you, then it's worth trying. Monitor for yourself, then make your own decisions.
  • SkimpyMrsCarter
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    I have and it works great for me
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    The guy you're quoting tends to fly in the face of orthodoxy in terms of what most people are using the app here for. Caveat emptor in terms of accepting advice.

    No biggie. I decided before i started to give it 6 months before I decided if it was working or not. Been here long enough to know that the one thing that does work above all else is calorie restriction for weight loss, so not worried about that. I just want to know if IF can help me reach my goals. Only time will tell, and possibly some calorie tweaking along with IF.