52 pounds gone already 25 more to go

I’m currently on a mission to get my weight down to a healthy range and when I started my journey on April 4th 2017 I topped the scale at 238 pounds and today February 7 2018 I’m down to 185.8 it’s been extremely hard to get to this weight I do battled through some some issues along the way but I’m not letting that stop me it’s actually been a huge eye opener for me. I have great support from my husband at home as he’s had Weight Loss surgery and between both of us were over 100 pounds lost together. Please feel free to add me if you find this motivating for you.


  • Terrig50
    Terrig50 Posts: 2 Member
    Thanks for sharing! I hope to be able to say the same message in a year!
  • kellyholder9229
    kellyholder9229 Posts: 7 Member
    This is incredibly motivating. Your journey is hard but the results will be awesome. Keep it up
  • proudmomma86
    proudmomma86 Posts: 48 Member
    Thats great! I was about 245 last april (right before i had my son) im down to 192. I have a lot more work ahead of me. Maintaining is the most difficult for me.
    Feel free to add me
  • roadmapmaker
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    Sounds like you have done a fantastic job in getting your weight down! I started at 233 and initially lost 85 lbs over a year and a few months. I have put on about 20 and need to get back down at least 15. I have logged in for several years now. I had a handful of friends, but they have left and I sure could use a few friends. I am a bit crippled with sciatica and needing knee replacement, but I never give up easily. Add me as a friend if you would like.
  • Frankie_Fan
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    Well done <3