Coke Zero Sugar

What do you think? Is it good or is it bad?


  • L1zardQueen
    L1zardQueen Posts: 8,755 Member
  • candylilacs
    candylilacs Posts: 582 Member
    Cherry Coke Zero is a godsend. It tastes like the real thing!
  • Frankie_Fan
    Frankie_Fan Posts: 562 Member
    I like it. I've made the switch from regular coke to coke zero.
  • Bechler77
    Bechler77 Posts: 65 Member
    I've always liked Coke Zero so when they changed the formula I was worried that it would taste the different but to me it still tastes pretty much the same
  • JenDrea
    JenDrea Posts: 3 Member
    I enjoy it. I have replaced my beloved Pepsi with one 7.5 oz of Coke Zero. It helps to curve the soda craving.
  • Fitnessgirl0913
    Fitnessgirl0913 Posts: 487 Member
    I love vanilla coke zero!
  • LaurenMT96
    LaurenMT96 Posts: 184 Member
    LOVE coke zero/pepsi max, have it on the weekends as a change from water/sugar free cordial. and so much better for you than the normal one full of sugar