Has anyone else watched "How to Lose Weight Well" on Channel 4 (UK)?

I heard about it recently and decided to give it a watch. I'm drawn towards those UK weight-loss shows (like Superfat vs Superskinny). I like how Brits don't seem to sugarcoat obesity as much as the rest of us!

Anyway, it's an interesting show. They basically divide groups of people into 3 categories: 2 who will go on a 2-week "crash" diet, 2 who will go on a 6-week diet, and 2 who will go on a 4-month diet.

There's always a bit of pseudo-science being thrown around, but they definitely do mention that CICO rules all, and the show is an experiment to try out different diets to see how sustainable they are and if they make losing weight easier.

So they put their subjects on restrictive diets like: Master Cleanse, military diet, paleo, keto, "cookie" diet, Weight Watchers, etc. Then we watch to see how they do with it and how much weight they've lost at the end of their respective diet timeframe. The show host also chooses an extreme weight loss method to try and reports his findings (like taking Alli, or using a feeding-tube).

Anyhoo! It's an interesting watch, and more often than not the subjects end the study saying the diet was way too restrictive to be sustainable (if they don't outright quit during the timeframe). Some enjoy the way of eating they'd been given (usually the less restrictive ones, obviously), but not many. It's interesting to see how many subjects are entirely clueless about weight loss.

Anyone else watched it?


  • Projectjustme
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    I love it, and have watched the previous series as well! As someone who has previously tried every diet 'fix' in the world before discovering MFP, I can relate to the subjects (especially those who want to lose a stone in a week :smiley: ); the extreme methods make me cringe but I thought this weeks article on how accurate trackers are was interesting - would have been better had they talked about needing to be accurate when logging though.