Healthy Donuts?



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    Tim Hortons chocolate dip donut has only 200 calories. I make room for one sometimes :smiley:
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    Aside from adding protein powder to the mix, how else can a donut be made healthy(ish). These cravings are strong but Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are just empty calories of temporary joy that wreck my numbers for the day.

    Adding protein to a doughnut isn't going to make it a health food...something doesn't become "healthy" just 'cuz protein (though it's good marketing 'cuz right now protein is all the rage).

    A doughnut is awesomeness because of the abundance of fat and sugar. Not everything has to be "healthy" and when you talk about healthy, you really need to look at your diet on the whole rather than breaking down every little individual thing.

    A doughnut is a tasty one in once in awhile. I'm hopefully doing a big group ride on Saturday (unless it gets cancelled) and we're all hitting up Rebel Doughnuts afterwards...I'm getting my favorite chocolate and red chile with bacon...

    I would argue that no food is healthy or unhealthy. Just different combinations of macros and nutrients.
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    Okay, so Jiffy pizza dough mix balls up nicely and you can fry at home, and control your toppings. My family LOVES these donuts. I'll roll them in cinnamon and sugar, make a peanut butter glaze, maple glaze, a basic royal icing, whatever.

    It's easier to control the portions and they are so good, especially warm
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    I had a DD Coffee Roll today (400 calories) and just kept everything else in check to stay within calories today and I'm already at a deficit. It can be done.
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    Mmmm poutine![/quote

    Now I think I shall have to work in some poutine this weekend. Mmmmmm.
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    Every once and awhile on a weekend, when I know I will be burning extra calories with a hike or an intense cardio workout, I have a donut and coffee for breakfast and it fits in my calories. Probably twice a month. I fit other treats in too throughout the week and month, so I really don't have to go more than a day or two waiting to have something craveable. Learning to delay gratification a little and strategically fit stuff in is at least half the battle.

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    Any donut can be "healthy" in the proper context/dosage in your diet. If you're hitting your calorie and macro/micronutrient goals, there's nothing unhealthy about including the occasional donut (or any other treat of your choice) in your diet.
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    Well, you could get a slice of cauliflower, cut a hole in it, and then get some icing...

    No, seriously, I don't think there is. All the "baked doughnut" recipes I've seen work by using what's basically a cake batter, which means all the fat reduction from not frying it is balanced by more fat in the actual dough, so I doubt the calorie count is much different. Plus it will not taste like a doughnut.

    Just fit it in as an occasional treat. A basic glazed or sugar-coated ring doughnut is no more calorific than any other cake or pastry, and even the heavy-duty filled and topped ones are about 400-odd, which I find quite possible to fit into my week every once in a while. You just have to be satisfied with one and not try and eat several.

    I sometimes stop off at Krispy Kreme on the way home and buy a box of three, for me, Mr. Garage and mini-me. A lovely treat dessert.