Regaining my identity!

Hi - when I started using the app I was a court clerk for 12 years. My user name fit my identity. It simply doesn’t anymore. I’m still happy but I’ve spent the last 3 years working for a hospital clinics, I have 4 grandchildren and 4 adult children. I’m a happy mama bear and a happy granny and a happy Manager. Weight gain is genetically imbedded so I have to constantly be working on my eating and exercise- stress eating is common for me and low activity because of RA. But I’m not going to let any of it beat me! I am strong and healthy. I enjoy yoga, walking, push-ups, planks and in my teens and 20s did quite a bit of bodybuilding! Hence I have a big backside, thighs and hips! I’m looking to drop 80-100 pounds. I’m prepping everything this weekend, cleaning out what little junk food we have and I even signed up for gym access at work! I already eat fairly healthy it’s the snacking that kicks my butt. So to encourage success I’m making sure I have premeasured snacks and low cal protein drinks and ice and water readily available! Thanks for joining me on my journey! Just gotta figure out a new username!!