Confused! I think I might be pregnant. Negative tests.



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    You probably aren't now but I suspect you will be next month :smile:

    Stress, variations in diet and exercise, and general body quirks could all be responsible. I was two weeks late several months ago (no bc, husband's fixed) and it was all stress related.
  • I had negative home pregnancy test for my second child for the first 3 months, I was pretty sure that I was pregnant so my mid-wives sent me in for a dating ultrasound without even testing me themselves.... As soon as the ultrasound wand was on my belly I saw a tiny little human doing backflips and somersaults, it became very real at that moment!!!!:smile: ..... moral of the story is, negative tests don't mean a damn thing sometimes so I suggest making an appointment for a blood test which is more accurate. Test's are known to produce false negative's but not positive's. Good luck, I hope it goes the direction you want it to!
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    I was like clockwork, too...and last year in July I should have had my period on the 4th.....I didn't get a positive test until the 25th! Even then it was very faint. My doctor reckons that I ovulated late and that is how I got pregnant. I have a lovely little one now :) I had similar symptoms as you, and I was on holiday in Thailand, so I chalked it up to jetlag and end of year stress, my first year teaching.....I was peeing on a stick daily. Then going diving, drinking ect when it was negative! I was pregnant the entire time. SO you could be with those symptoms. Problem is pregnancy symptoms can be a lot like PMS!
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    Not to put a scare into you or anything but when my husband and I were TTC I got false negatives on pregnancy tests when I had an ectopic pregnancy. It ruptured my tube before a test came back positive for pregnancy. Now, I'm just putting that out there and don't want to freak you out because I sincerely agree with the poster above that if you are pregnant and getting negative test results it is most likely caused by watered down urine that doesn't allow for a high enough HCG count to set off the tests. Keep us posted and good luck!
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    Why don't you take one first thing in the morning?
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    False negatives can happen.

    It could also be something else going wrong with your lady bits. Did you get things checked out? Like a pap smear and did they check your ovaries, do a breast examination...?
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    kinda wondering how this panned out?!
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    kinda wondering how this panned out?!

    I'm curious, too!

    My son was conceived in December of January, I took TWELVE, yes TWELVE tests until I finally got a positive. I think women know their bodies well enough to know if they believe the lines or not. I just knew. It wasn't like any other scare. And weight loss ramps up fertility! I lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks before I got pregnant and even after not conceiving for 3+ years, lost a little bit and BAM!

    I'd love to hear an update! Hoping it turns out in your favor!
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    So? What happened?

    If you haven't started yet, test first thing in the AM. Your hormone levels will be concentrated enough at the time even if you are early on.
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    this happened with me 5 test negative and yup was prego they said i was to early and my hormone levels werent high enough for a good reading. Go get a blood test done
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    We've not ben actively trying to get pregnant. We also haven't been trying to prevent it.

    I kind of thought ten days late the test should be coming up positive so it's probably negative.

    Now that the idea has been put in my head I will be slightly disappointed with a negative result... Just have to keep waiting I guess.

    Sounds like me back in June. I was roughly 2.5 weeks late. I even went as har as to go to the doctor to get everything confirmed. We had 2 faint positives and then a string of negatives. The test at the doctor was negative as well. They don't think I miscarried so maybe the tests were bad. Who knows. Aunt Flow eventually came at the almost 3.5 weeks late mark. I asked the doctor what could have caused it and I got the LAUNDRY list of stress.. hormonal changes.. blah blah blah.

    Hopefully it straightens itself out soon.
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    I too wanna know how this turned out. We just had a girl at work who thought she was pregnant, took several home tests which all turned out forward to a couple weeks ago, she goes to the emergency room because she was having really bad abdominal cramps..turns out she was in labor. Even when she went to the doctor about 3 months ago the test was still negative (weird..). but she had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

    Funny how things turn out..
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    Bump for later
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    Sorry guys! It's really not that interesting :)

    I went and got a blood test and it came up negative as well. I got my period two days later.

    Not sure why it was so late!!! I work with a whole bunch of nurses and they said I could have been pregnant but it didn't stick? Not the technical terms they used.

    Good luck to any of you who are reading who are trying :) Thanks for all your feedback - it was greatly appreciated!
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    I have heard that actually a lot of pregnancies are lost and the women didn't even know they had conceived in the first place. They think they just have an "off" cycle. Sounds pretty common. Good luck in the future!!! :)